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For most of us, this will be the last experience we have of Uranus in Aries in this lifetime. Midterm Elections—which is powerful timing indeed.

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With revolutionary Uranus revisiting the sign that rules individual rights, anger and assertiveness, history lies in the balance. Will Americans make their beliefs heard at the polls? And if so, which voices will be the loudest? As the country remains deeply divided, the outcome of this day will be hugely revealing about the mindset of our world. The unsettling comparisons between the current state of the U.

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At the same time, a counterforce developed of rising right-wing nationalism. Uranus takes 84 years to return to each zodiac sign, which means we are now in the same Uranian cycle we were in during the s. The last time Uranus was in Aries was from to , when Hitler rose to power and became chancellor of Germany. Jews and Germans were forbidden to marry, and from there, over laws and decrees were put into effect to strip German Jews of their civil and human rights.

How will we handle it this time around? Uranus in Aries reminds us not to get complacent, to use our voices but to consider the impact of our actions on more than just ourselves. History does NOT need to repeat, just because the astrological cycles do. In fact, this is an opportunity for humankind to prove that we can, indeed, do better.

Midmonth, the retrograde changing of the guard begins. On November 16, love planet Venus, which has been retrograde since October 5, will correct course, turning direct in its home sign of peaceful Libra. Relationship of all stripes have been tested for the past six weeks. But just as Venus straightens out, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde from November 16 to December 6, backing through outspoken Sagittarius until December 1.

B Davus says:.

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When you let it go you feel your power coming back to you. I find you everywhere, at my reiki training in Monteverde cloudforest in Costa Rica, at the barn where newborn piglets squeel in Oregon while hanging and chatting with my Earthy Mamma who makes tinctures, and of course here on FB each month. I will quote with full credit your divine guidance. You inspire me to be a better healer.

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Beautiful synchronicity here, always inspiring and deeply grateful! May the all loving covens convene to honor the journey ahead! Nadine Lee says:. Ali Paradiso says:. The kid turned to meat and the man consumed the animal. It was very dark and yet the light in the store was very bright. I felt such love and sadness and horror and grief all at once.

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Stop eating meat- stop eating at one another. Which witch for which you are bothered, son? Light and love always.

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All Rights Reserved. Shop Info Privacy. Let yourself FEEL. We are not so lost that we might as well give up. Here, Mars and Lilith are in the 11th house of the global chart in the sign of humanitarian Aquarius. J says: Nov 6, Reply. JKM says: Nov 6, Reply.

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E says: Nov 6, Reply. Great, insightful, inspiring posts! Thank you!! Karen says: Nov 6, Reply. B Davus says: Nov 8, Reply. Absolutely love your artwork!