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Which further destroy the peace of mind, marriage, professional life etc. Of everyone. Why Saturn is after everyone on Earth. What I have done to harm Saturn for which it is after my life? Such questions emerge in the mind of everyone. Now let us know the truth after all. To conclude Saturn gives the results of its Sub lord and Nakshatra and position and lordship.

If it signifies good houses it gives good results, whereas if it signifies bad houses results will not be positive. This is true for all other planets in the horoscope. Saturn has an additional feather in the cap as it surely gives property in its Dasa period. One more thing is the most dreaded Sade sati concepts which has created havoc in the minds of common people at large.

The concept is if Saturn Transits 12 houses, Ascendant and 2nd house from natal Moon the native is undergoing Sade Sati. When Sade sati is running it is believed nothing will go positive. The million dollar question is then what the other 8 planets do in the horoscope? Prediction in Hindu Astrology is given by analyzing Dasa, Bhukti and Antar and lastly transits just pin points the result which Dasa Bhukti antar planets endorse. Just by one planet Saturn how can one predict?

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It is worth mentioning that Mrs. Saturn will give results of 2 7 11 strongly which signifies good health, good profession, marriage and good married life.

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Additionally the results of Saturn as a planet are better than Sun as Saturn signifies 10,11 houses. No bells! No Whistles! He the Man who give a true opinion in astrology! His accurate predictions make unique recognition across the globe. The way he elucidates astrological science is really admirable that resulted in lots of students inspired to learn his in-depth knowledge of Predictions.

A numerologist deals with numbers for all predictive purposes. For predicting life events date of birth as well as sum of date of birth, month of birth and year of birth is added for predictive purpose. Date of birth calls core number. For example, if 13 is the date of birth, then 1 and 3 will be added and resultant number will be considered as 4.

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Sum of date of birth, month of birth and year of birth calls life path number. Numerology has a flaw that it is unable to predict the differences in life events of people born on the same date. However, it is only described that the results will be the extremes. Still, it helps an astrologer who is handling a horoscope of a native who is having 8 as his date of birth.

Now let me give you an idea how it works for sharpening skills in predictions in Astrology. If the horoscope of such a native whose number is 8 signifies divorce, then it would surely happen. Additionally, there will be some extreme event will also happen like there can be intense litigation will be involved, there would be physical fights, defamation etc. Similarly, if the horoscope signifies love affair, then it can be scandalous and intense like we had in the history Laila Majnu, Romeo Juliet etc.

Some abnormality can also be there in such a case like a lot of differences in age, out of caste creed culture etc. People born with this number can be extremely rich. Hence, if the horoscope of a native signifies good houses of the profession, then he will be not rich he will be filthy rich. Negative housing of the profession and finance will take him to penury. If one will be aggressive than his aggression may increase to the level that he may commit mass murderers. Nowadays, in nearly all major cities in India you will find people from Tamilnadu carrying palm leaves on which they say future of people are written in text form.

Tamil people having these leaves add that the Rishis wrote past, present and future of everyone on Earth by listening to the discourse between Shiva and Parvati. Lord Shiva is telling about the future of everyone born on Earth and Goddess Parvati is listening. Some of these people have leaves written by Rishi Kaushik whereas others have leaves written by Sage Agastya and so on.

Nadi palm leaves are located based on the thumb impressions right for men, left for women. Once you go to these people, they will take your thumb impression and will sort out right leaf of you. By asking questions about you they will finally reach to the correct leaf of you. In this life, you will find your name written, parents name and the name of your spouse and also the future.

They will translate for you all what is written in the leaves for you. People who have gone to them have divergent views about the prediction based on these palm leaves or Nadi leaves. Most of the people are satisfied with the predictions, whereas some of them are of different opinions. However, there is no Astrology involved into the Palm leaves as it is advertised.

People having these leaves have no idea about Astrology.

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They are just translators to what is written in an old Tamil language in these palm leaves. Nadi Astrology is predictive Hindu Astrology. Nadi is a Sanskrit word which implies revealing. Another form of Hindu traditional astrology is not predictive whereas Nadi Astrology has formulations of all the events of life in an exhaustive manner. Nadi Astrology basis of the Vimshottari dasa completely.

A planet is analyzed on the basis of its position in the House, Nakshatra and sub lord and timing of events is done on the basis of Vimshottari Dasa, Antar Dasa and Pratayantar Dasa and finally transits. Whenever anyone reaches a Nadi Astrologer and asks a question at Nadi Astrologer erects horoscope of the person by taking his Date, Time and Place of birth. He further analyses his horoscope by taking into consideration Sub lord, Nakshatra of all the Planets and times the event by Vimshottari dasa and transits. Nadi Astrology is all about predictive astrology.

It is not reading a palm leaf written by our sages. Of all the numbers number 8 is most significant number of all. People born on 8,17,26 dates of any month will be considered as born with number 8. People born on these dates will have events of life in extreme. Lord Krishna was born on 8th date and we know his life was a roller coaster ride. He was born in Jail, whole life went into scandals, was a naughty child.

Life was always endangered by a maternal uncle, which he ultimately killed. He was the main character of Mahabhatrata who managed the killing of everyone of the Kaurvas. He was one of the top Yogis. He declared in the Kurukshetra battle field that He is God. Number 8 also works on: Similarly, when you go and check sectors multiple of 8 i.

Sector 7 is extreme as it does not have residential houses. It only has commercial establishment. Other sectors are posh sectors and have commercial establishments also. Other sectors are also good in Chandigarh but these have distinct features. Sector 53 is distinct as it has only flats wherein flats in Chandigarh are rare. And you will find that the phones, vehicles etc.. Have something distinct in them respectively. India got independence not as a nation but a group of states and it became a nation after unifying these states by Sardar Patel.

Also partition of our country was also associated with the independence. In the Ashtkoot Milan Moon of both prospective bride and bridegroom is considered. None of the other 8 planets are considered for matching. There are 8 types of Gunas or Ashtkoot and some points are given to these Gunas which are as follows:. If Moon is placed in any of these constellations named Bharani, Pushya, Mrigashira, Poorvaphalguni, Chitra, Poorvashada, Dhanishtha, Anuradha, or Uttarabhadrapada in birth chart, the person is said to have Madhya Nadi. If boy and girl Nakshatra are in the same Nadi then Nadi dosh is there and zero pts.

If Nakshatras are different then result is 8 pts.

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And there is no Nadi Dosh. Astrologers who believe this say that if Nadi is same there will be problem in child birth. Medically progeny is seen individually and that is obviously too. A girl can not be fit whereas boy can be fit for child birth and vice versa. A chapter on uncommon questions has also been included which contains Horary questions related to Mundane events, Politics and also questions which concern day to day life of some natives but are not directly involved in the nine events discussed above. In the chapter of Ruling Planets it is explained with illustrations how the answer to questions are given of the events, which are expected to happen within a day.

In all the chapters numerous illustrations have been given and have been discussed in detail so that readers may be able to understand and practically apply Horary system of Nadi Astrology. All the illustrations are successful predictions of the author and his students. Some illustrations are from the work by group of my students who worked during Diwali Mela of A record of these Horary questions was compiled, their results were analyzed and they finally are included in this book. Some of the illustrations are from the T. In certain cases it becomes essential to use the Horary Horoscope even if the natal Horoscope is present to verify the predictions for example the Natal Horoscope of a girl signifies no marriage and she is too young.

In this case we will like to see whether her Horoscope is correct or not before giving such an adverse prediction. If she is too young then the events may not be too much to rectify Horoscope in such a case astrologer resorts to Horary Horoscope and the answer coming from the Horary Horoscope should be relied upon.

In case of any difference of answer between the Horary Horoscope and Natal Horoscope then the Horary Horoscope should be given more importance because the Time of birth of Horary Horoscope is accurate.

Nadi Astrology

Sometimes native may ask same question again after some time due to curiosity. In such a case it is observed that the answer of the question does not change. However care should be taken that the second time again the native is serious to ask the question. It has also been observed that sometimes the native has asked a question and after an interval his relative or friend has asked the same question for the native. In all such cases same answers have been arrived at. In my lectures of "Horary Astrology" a common question is asked about the "Mook Prasna". Mook Prasna implies that native want to get answer of a question, which he does not want to ask.

In 11 years of practice of Astrology and hundreds of my students who are practicing allover we have got 3 - 4 such questions out of the thousands of questions answered so far. A native will not ask question when he is feeling shy or have fear to ask the questions. These were all scandalous and after the answers given to the natives they opened up fully and explained the situation and the question in detail.

In the chapter of "Career and Financial Prospects" I have included one of such questions.

Native did not put question correctly and by the answer coming out from Horary it was found that the native was trapped by one of his partners. At what time the Astrologer should predict? In which direction should Astrologer face and the querist should face at the time of asking the question? These are also some of the questions, which are asked for. The answer is it doesn't make any difference when a question should be asked or answered and in what direction any body faces. It is only essential that the querist is serious and curious about the question.

Experience in "Horary Astrology" has shown that if its principles are strictly followed the system gives accurate results because the time of asking the question is correct. People commonly ask if the Horary Astrology is extremely correct why the Astrologers do not become a billionaire by indulging in speculation trade? In Horary Astrology or Prasna Chart the querist should be serious only then one gets accurate answer. In case if a native is really sick of some shares or commodity he has kept for long and wants to ask question regarding that the answer is surely going to come correct.

Similarly in case of any match in sports between two teams if question is which team will win, then answer will surely come correct when queerest is emotionally attached to a team and wants his team should win or get the championship. If the answers to the speculative questions will start coming correct then that will overrule the native's Horoscope, which is not possible.

This book is a unique book of Horary Astrology because it covers all the nine events of life and more with about illustrations with their true results. This book is well researched and carries the data, illustrations and experiences of many astrologers who have been working on this science for years together. In this book the principles of "Nadi Astrology" have been followed. Readers should have the knowledge of elementary Astrology to appreciate the book.

However Astrologer having the knowledge of Nadi Astrology will understand the book easily. Readers are advised to go through "Accurate predictive Methodology" which will help them understand the book better. I will request my readers and astrologers to critically analyze any Horoscope after studying time, place and conditions after giving due consideration to caste, creed, religion and community.