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Love In the sentimental terrain, some new ideas would arise, even if they are repeated from the past, would be welcome if you wish to improve all of that related to the emotional plan. Give, and give yourself the opportunity would be key this week.

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Health During This week, some physical discomfort could follow due to excessive activity. Muscles and your mind need rest to return to daily activity with a different spirit and fortitude. The Moon will be the most favorable for this sign, however, at the end of the week will have the possibility to improve the situation in an absolute way. The day 29 will be the best of all this past ones since the Moon will be positioned in Gemini, take advantage, it will be a good start. Some dispute due to a different way of thinking will bother somebody.

Health The emotional situation will be uncomfortable these days, instability in the physical plan will be something complex and for that reason, nerves will be altered.

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New discomfort is coming, same that will be destroyed with the passing of days and the fortitude characteristic of Geminian. CANCER A beginning of the week very favorable for Cancerians, the Day 23 starting the week, the Moon will be in Pisces and, until the 28 inclusive, Venus will be transiting Pisces too which will give you the chance to have a few days to dialog all you have in mind and all of what you will keep to yourself by fear to hurt susceptibilities.

Jobs In the laboral plan, it will be an ideal week to consider all of that that seems convenient for work. Weather new ideas such as furniture as well as the Cancerians with a high responsibility, could have internal dialogs with hierarchs of the same power as you and interchange ideas that imply a lot of money. Love Feelings during This week will be very active and in plain sight of many people. Health Health terrain will keep relatively stable inside the positive.

Some discomfort may ocurre due to lack of physical activity and adding to that the possible climatic changes that you will be exposed to.


LEO Very good week for Leonine, you will be with a good energy to realize moves and make decisions that could become important for your lives. The best days of the week will be 24, 25 and 26 respectively with the Moon in Aries. Jobs A relatively positive stage starts for you in the laboral terrain since from your predisposition and spirit will depend that This could be long lasting.

Something very stable is reported in addition to a salary raise. Love For those born under this sign, a busy stage in the sentimental field appears above all closing the month of April. However, you will have to know how to distinguish between good and not so good to obtain a stable and lasting relationship. Health Health will be very positive to start to realize light physical activities.

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However, excess of the same could cause some muscular discomfort. To start as a beginner is recommended, above all Leonine that could have a sedentary life to avoid overcharging your organism. The Sun transiting Tauro will give you a special energy to tolerate many things, but, beware because you could be stubborn in determined resolutions. The best days would be 27 and 28 respectively 27 and 28 respectively with the Moon in Tauro.

Jobs A period where Work will be more than usual, but, also will accompany the economic increase.

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Stabilize yourself in some dialog situations with workmates and bosses could result a little complex since you will not agree in all. Love The couple will need a break from problems and overwhelming situations. The correct and necessary will be some mini-vacations, walks, movies, supper, moments to enjoy away from what you dislike. Health Now, with more energy than last week, you could move in another way. However, the amount of activities could generate a lot of stress, hence, the more convenient will be to obviate some situations, fundamentally for the mental relaxation.

GEMINI ♊️ SOMEONE WANTS TO REVEAL THEIR TRUE FEELINGS - October 1 - 15, 2019 Tarot Love Reading

You will have greater confidence, to mid August, when it comes to taking action on what you consider important priorities to you in life. You can feel ready to take action when it comes to future goals you might have been considering since mid May. The desires of somebody else may have held you back but you are in a position to move on from that now. You can become aware of alternatives to late July that will enable matters to develop in a harmonious way.

Things will begin to open up, generating a clearer path ahead to mid August especially when it comes to anything you want to accomplish.

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It has been pressure from others desires that have been difficult since mid May. This will become more subtle and at times, agreeable, to late July. Someone else could generate significant new beginnings in your life, especially during the next 9 months but for as much as the next 3 years. To late July there will be many pleasant interactions with others but what you need to watch is what they really want from the situation if this becomes more than that of a casual interaction.

Anything you might have been wondering about somebody else since mid May will come out in the open from now to mid August.

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This can include any doubts you might have had about their true appreciation for you or anything you have done for them. You should ensure you get plenty of rest to late July. It will do you good. Leos who are in a long distance relationship, this is the time to take that big step. See how you can move closer to the one.

Think less takeout and more home cooked meals. Some of you may be going through massive changes on the personal front, which could be reflecting in all of your relationships. Want to revisit the rules of engagement? Have the conversation you have been putting off—this will help you write a new chapter in your relationship. Be gentle with yourself when the secrets come to the fore.

None of this is your fault, Libra. You could not possibly have preempted this. The good about knowing the truth is that it gives you clarity on where you stand in their life. Be sure to ground your energy, Libra, lest the ebb and flow of emotions gets the better of you. You will have no choice but to be your own pillar of strength in these turbulent times. Three words: truth, honesty and integrity. See how and where you are shying away from your most authentic self with the other. For some, this may be a time of bringing the skeletons out of the closet.

How do you feel about their secret, Scorpio? Does this mark the end of a certain relationship, or is there a way to work things out?