Horoscope for 8 sagittarius

If you want the good times to keep on rolling, focus on calm appreciation instead of the usual wild celebration. Yes, that means a different kind of fun, but also something more sustainable. You're not getting any younger, you know. You sure are talking a lot. It's as if a dam broke somewhere inside you and the words are just pouring out.

You're not exactly being selfish. Probably more compulsive than anything else. In fact, there's something elegant to your eloquence. And there's no question that you mean well by sharing all this information. But it's a two-way process here, and maybe others have something you need, too. Try listening occasionally today. Don't you want anything in exchange for all that you're giving? You deserve to let them return the favor. Communication might get difficult as you retreat into a familiar pattern that used to be comfortable.

But now an awkward situation is turning thorny. How can you get a handle on something that'll hurt no matter how you grab it? This could be the result of ignoring good advice or common wisdom to follow your own path. Self-made obstacles are likely to hold you back today. OK, so you're beginning to see how it all plays out, and maybe you can stop the downward spiral.

Libra (September 22 - October 23)

Now that you know what happens, you won't do it again. You call it as you see it, but who's listening? You need to do better than that if you want to really communicate. Use your scientific mind to cook up explanations everyone can understand. Find clever applications for every little idea, and that's your strategy right there. If they perceive you as a creative thinker and fixer-upper, you'll be going somewhere good. And if, along the way, you finally complete your transformation from a noisy protester to a results-oriented prophet, there's an excellent chance that you'll arrive in style.

No matter how exciting some new endeavor or angle might seem, don't lose sight of your original purpose. It's easy now to be drawn toward a flashy but risky approach, but you need to maintain your focus. Actually, this is a good test for you. Since you're naturally goal-oriented, it's good for you to experience a bit of greener-grass syndrome from time to time.

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Whatever it is that suddenly looks so surefire and enticing, resist the urge to chase it. Instead, stay on task for your current project. You can move ahead once you know exactly what you're doing. Be alert and ready to move. Don't be afraid to voice your opinions about who's truly free and who's enslaved to what.

Show that you're determined to make things right for everyone. So are you a seer and a savior, or a micro-manager and a busybody? Does it matter? As far as you're concerned, it's out with the old and in with the new. Just one day of this mood will turn your world around, or at least rearrange the furniture. Coffee might help you achieve this state, although it's amazing what can happen naturally if you tune in.

The universe is an interesting, unpredictable place at the moment. You should welcome the chance for deep communications with your friends and loved ones. This goes for strangers and acquaintances, too, even though the outcome of these interactions will be hard to predict. For now, you don't care as much about the end result as you do about the process of connection. If you can, clear your schedule for the day. That way, you'll be ready for any person or encounter that comes knocking on your door. In spite of being crazy busy with your mad skills, you're probably one of the sanest people on the block.

You have a head for business, a nose for opportunity and a keen eye for justice. That alone makes you a participant instead of just another passenger. So even as you wade into this soup of possibilities, ready to help yourself, be sure to advocate for those who can't speak up.

Birthday Horoscope December 8th Sagittarius, Persanal Horoscope for Birthdate December

Pat yourself on your heroic back. Another day of this sudden leadership will guarantee your new status as a champion. Is your wanton life something you want to brag about? Is your extravagant style worth celebrating when it would make you blush during thriftier times? Maybe you like shocking people out of their stupor. Maybe you just like to entertain. Who knows why you do what you do?

But keep one eye on your budget, OK? And make it a sharp eye, too. The piper might be expecting payment sooner than you think. Dance with care today, and keep one hand on your credit or debit card at all times. Being different is a good thing today. People are getting a kick out of your flair, not to mention your quirky sense of humor. Your curiosity is leading you here, there and everywhere. You're flexible and accepting, and that's wonderful. But that's not all, folks. This time, you might even be the agent of change. So put your thinking cap on, and turn that bright, inquisitive eye toward any part of your life or the world around you that could use a little revamping.

Anything that isn't working can change for the better under your deft touch. So you're feeling uneasy.

Hey there!

Maybe you're aware of an unusual energy at work around you. Perhaps you feel like burying your head in the sand today. Still, that's no reason to resign yourself to feeling strange or grumpy. You can find it within yourself to break out of your emotional bonds and dance with the spirit of the age.

It shouldn't be hard for you to get your heart around the feeling, because you follow your heart in most situations anyway. Doing so could transform a challenging period into a blissful one. Your confidence builds today. Suddenly, you find you not only have the courage to govern others, you possess the inspiration to promote much-needed change. People are looking to you for guidance, so you may have to step into the spotlight whether you want to or not. Use this as a chance to make something positive happen. You have the ability to be a wise, gracious leader.

It's also in you to be a really good, devoted and dependable friend.

Birthday Horoscope December 8th

And really, could anyone possibly ask more of you than that? You recognize the need for change in the world, and you sincerely want to help. At the same time, you're conscious of the importance of pulling in your resources and guarding them carefully. You're quite the paradox: First a cheapskate, then a philanthropist. You're likely to confuse almost everyone today while you figure things out. Maybe you're operating entirely without a plan, which is unusual for you. It's good you're so attuned to the details that you can make minor adjustments as needed. Mix conscience and class today.


You're honorable, graceful and no one loves a good party more than you, but now it's time to make changes that really matter. So forget celebrity fundraisers and awards ceremonies. The real quality is in the giving. Put that sharp mind of yours to work and come up with something truly innovative, something to benefit everyone. If you're not sure what that might be, pay attention to your heart. This is your core, and that's all that matters now. You're acting cold, distant and suspicious of anyone putting out a new vibe.

OK, so why now? Do you want to invite trouble?

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Are you trying to reinvent the wheel when some newer technology is making the world go around? This lucky energy is intensified on Wednesday, August 7 , when the sun in Leo also trines Jupiter in Sagittarius. Venus the planet of love puts the cherry on the sundae when it also trines Jupiter in Sagittarius on Thursday, August 8. Sometimes you seem to have superpowers, as opportunities simply fall in your lap. Expect even more fortuitous energy than usual during the first week of this month.

Sunday, August 11 is a day to circle in your calendar.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, goes direct. During its retrograde over the past four months, you've been taking inventory over what changes are needed to get what you want out of life. In particular, your innate desire for freedom is at odds with your desire for a serious relationship that meets your sexual needs. On this same day, Uranus, the "great awakener," goes retrograde, revealing hard truths. It's time to ask yourself a few hard things. Are you making compromises you know you won't be able to fulfill?

Or conversely, are you using your adventurous spirit as a get-out-of-jail-free card to avoid necessary commitment? Now is the time to get real and express your needs. Also on this day, communication planet Mercury enters brave Leo. Download the Astro Guide app by VICE on an iOS device to read daily horoscopes personalized for your sun, moon, and rising signs, and learn how to apply cosmic events to self care, your friendships, and relationships. The moon in Scorpio makes a harmonious connection with Pluto, the lord of the underworld, at AM, asking us to go within and look at the feelings we've been avoiding.

The moon squares off with Mars at AM and connects with Mercury at AM, bringing a burst of movement and action. Venus connects with Jupiter at PM, inspiring a decadent, romantic, and generous energy before the moon enters adventurous fire sign Sagittarius at PM! The moon in mysterious Scorpio finds you reflecting on your emotions and making changes at home.

Sexy Venus connects with lucky Jupiter, bringing you plenty of fun and romance! The moon enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius, inspiring a celebratory atmosphere. The moon in Scorpio opens lines of communication today as sweet Venus connects with lucky Jupiter, creating an open and healing energy. The moon enters adventurous fire sign Sagittarius, inspiring you to focus on your home and family life.

The moon in Scorpio asks you to be smart about money as your ruling planet Venus connects with jovial Jupiter, bringing you plenty of fun with friends!

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The moon enters fire sign Sagittarius, inspiring movement and communication. The moon is in your sign, asking you to tap into your emotions as Venus connects with the planet of abundance, Jupiter, bringing blessings to your career! The moon enters fire sign Sagittarius, asking you to tap into your emotions when it comes to money.