December 11 2019 astrology uranus retrograde

He moved there on March 13, Uranus moves to house 8 taxes, debt and death on May 30, He returns to house 7 on November 5, and moves back to house 8 on March 21, Chart data is January 27, at Uranus there forecasts land reform, radical innovation for the housing sector, technology driven homes, new and untried farming methods, technological transformation of the farming sector, inventive weather forecasting techniques and extreme weather events.

Uranus in Taurus on March 6, is in house 5 risk, speculation, share market, entertainment, fun, amusement, movies, sport, sex, IVF programs, children, Child Care Centers and teenagers. He moved there on April 15, Uranus moves to house 6 labor, the work-force, trade unions, government employees, food, groceries, eating habits, diet, sickness, drugs, medicines and medical services on April 24, Chart data is January 28, at 3.

What Universe Has Scheduled for Our Betterment Through The Astrological Events Of 12222?

Uranus is in house 12 secret activity, secret enemies, spies, crime, criminals, prisons, detention camps, hospitals, disappointment and restriction. Uranus moves to house 1 the people and their domestic health and welfare agenda on April 11, Chart data is January 28, at Uranus is in house 1 the people and their domestic agenda. The Indian people are discontent and very rebellious. He moved there on March 25, Uranus moves to house 3 transportation, roads, railways, rail services, communication, postal service, literary work, newspapers, magazines and relations with Pakistan and other neighboring countries on March 18, Chart data is January 28, at 9.

Uranus in Taurus 0n March 6, is in house 12 secret activity, secret enemies, secret agents, spies, spy agencies, crime, criminals, refugees, detention centers, hospitals and prisons.

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Uranus moves to house 1 the people and their health and welfare on May 21, He returns to house 12 on December 23, and moves back to house 1 on March 2, Chart data is January 28, at 1. Uranus and you This transit of Taurus by Uranus — the change agent — will have no influence on you personally. But Uranus in your birth chart does provide valuable information that you need to know about.

By Tanaaz. Uranus begins its annual retrograde through the sign of Taurus on Augst 11, until January 10, Uranus is the planet of change, revolution, and freedom. It is the breaker of chains, the crusher of walls, the renegade that wants to dismantle tried and true traditions in order to birth a new way forward. Retrogrades are always a time of reflection and this Uranus retrograde signals a need to step back and look at where we have been before we can move forward. It is a time to connect with our self-worth, our childhood dreams, our upbringing, and our heritage so we can create deeper roots in order to spread our branches further.

Impact of Uranus Retrograde 12222 on all zodiacal signs From 12 August 12222 to 10 January 2020

As the saying goes, the tallest tree in the woods has the deepest roots, and Uranus retrograde is all about connecting with those roots, that seed of who we are before the world told us who we should be. Uranus entered Taurus back on May 15th, and again on March 6, , so looking back to the themes of these times may give us a clue as to what this Uranus Retrograde energy may be encouraging us to revisit or look at.

Taurus is a challenging placement for Uranus because it is the zodiac sign associated with traditions and legacy. Taurus has no desire to reinvent the wheel and believes in learning from those who have gone before us. Taurus can be opposed to change and favors a stable and predictable routine in order to thrive.

As you can see, the two are not exactly compatible. Under this placement, Uranus will have to learn to temper its energy, whereas Taurus will have to learn how to keep an open mind and be more embracing to change and innovation. Essentially, this is a time where tradition will have to make way for the new, but not without honoring the wisdom of the past. Many people are afraid of change. In fact, there are many survival mechanisms in our brain that show up to resist change as a way to protect ourselves, which is why sometimes we have to be proactive and push past the fear when it comes to creating positive changes in our lives.

At the same time however, many of us also struggle to lead a life that feels grounded and stable and has a healthy level of routine. Some of us are always chasing that next big thing, making us feel that we are never getting anywhere, while others feel they are stuck and stagnant in their ways and find it difficult to break out of the monotony of everyday routine. No matter where you are in your own life, under this retrograde energy we are going to feel guided to build a bridge between our roots and the expansive part of ourselves that is always looking to grow, change, and break the mold of the past.

How can we acknowledge and give thanks for where we have come from and all that we have been through, while still welcoming innovation and new ways of thinking?

How can we honor our past and the road we have traveled but also know that it no longer needs to define us? Whether you are looking to shake things up in your life or bring more stable energy, this retrograde is going to bring supportive change so you can feel confident and grounded no matter where the wind carries you. Change is a part of life. Just like seasons come and go, people come and go, jobs come and go, chapters of our lives come and go. We can remain stuck in fear and holding on to the past, or we can use our past experiences to move confidently into the future.

Under this Uranus Retrograde for , we are the tree being encouraged to stretch our branches higher and wider, but first, we must dig our roots in deeper and allow ourselves to stand tall, confident, and strong, rooted in our self-worth, in self-love, and in who we really are. Share Our Messages with Love and Gratitude. We Can Help! We are preparing everyone for a Full Planetary Ascension, and provide you with the tools and techniques to assist you Home Into The Light. We have just began these and they are incredible.

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