Eclipse december 20 astrology

Now is not the time to take outward-facing actions, but a time to go within and express yourself. Record your avant garde album, choreograph your interpretive dance, or get in touch with the full sensual vitality of your body with sex or masturbation. With so much development taking place in your public life and career lately, attention is now being called to your private life, home, and family.

You may be moving or renovating at this time—exciting!

A chapter of your life is closing, and it may be very emotional for you, but for every door an eclipse closes, another is opened. Drama with your family, roommates, or landlords may be the final straw for you at this time. Honor your ancestors, love the family you have, and move forward together This eclipse will be difficult, scary, shocking, sometimes impossible, but eventually, totally clarifying.

This will likely throw you for a loop or make you cry, but guess what, Gemini? Crying can be good for you! It helps you release your emotions, and sometimes, crying for a few minutes works better than discussing and analyzing things for hours.

What The New Moon And Solar Eclipse In Cancer Means For Your Zodiac Sign

Now than you know what you know—thanks, supermoon! This could mean that you change your field of study or stop running with certain social circles, and you might find yourself craving space and adventure. The question is: What are you looking for, Gemini? Truly, this eclipse has changed what feels deeply important to you, so letting go of some things will come naturally—even if it feels emotionally charged. Money is a huge theme for you during this eclipse, too. Do you think that Leo, the sign of this eclipse and the sign of royalty, allows themselves to get underpaid for their work or mistreated after putting their time and energy into something?

Hell no! This eclipse will help you make the changes to get what you deserve. For someone who loves to stare at and talk about themselves ad nauseam, you still have a lot to learn about yourself, dear lion!

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2020

This eclipse will bring a new, made-over you. Expect all the changes you implement to impact your relationships, too. Secrets will be spilled during this eclipse—and the tea is all about you. This supermoon eclipse is in Leo, a fire sign that does things out of instinct, unlike you, the notoriously practical and logical earth sign!

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Deep emotions will swell to the surface, and you need to be completely present in your body to cry, growl, squirm, scream, dance, run—anything to release this powerful, primal energy coursing through you. Your dreams are going to be very active during this period, and some secrets concerning your everyday life will come to the surface. Things that were impossible to see before will now be crystal clear—and the center of your focus.

Harness the power of the eclipse by letting these people fall away from your life. As an intense water sign, Scorpios tend to have a contentious relationship with the spotlight. So, in addition to the position of a star that astrology explains, and which affects us at the time of our birth, the date of birth also speaks of us and our actions.

Are you determined, brave, generous, sensual, cold or intelligent?

You can find out which traits are hidden behind the date of your birth, and today we are looking into date December 20, and we are wondering, are these people have something in common with their ruling Zodiac sign, Sagittarius, since they are born in the ending Sagittarius rule? The ninth sign of the Zodiac system is Sagittarius and the last sign of the fall.

His graphic symbol is a centaur, a mythological creature whose head is human and the body, or lower part of the body is a horse with the bow and arrow. Because of this double influence, his inspiration will be sometimes spiritual, and occasionally material. It is the fiery sign, and this means that Sagittarius takes on quite a different dimension; it is not a hot flame that flames, but before an internal fire that enlightens.

We suggest that you look at all Astro-numerological analyses of Sagittarius people, and you will be able to see this inner light. The temperament of those who are born on December 20 is often difficult to understand because it is full of contradictions. These people too often do not perceive themselves and their actions, so they cannot expect from others to understand them, but this should not be an alert sign for all those who want to be near these Sagittarius people.

It is just one of the paradoxes in the nature of the people who are born on December 20, so they often give other people the reason to get the wrong impression about their personality; although they are aware of this fact, they cannot change it anyway. What is the main advice for humans who are born on December 20 is that they are advised to cultivate more calmness and stop hurrying and worrying, especially concerning things that could happen, and never do.

Also, it is recommended for them to cultivate more honesty and directness toward other people so that they can show their true qualities. Sagittarius people to whom people who celebrate their birthdays belong are carefree, indifferent and unconventional in love, and they are particularly attracted to strangers and intriguing and mysterious people. They cannot resist the call of an unknown, wild, adventurous, especially in their youth.

They do not want to tie in any way, and panic escapes from everything that represents the finality.

Lunar & Solar Eclipses in and How They Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Although, in general, Sagittarius people know how to love, those who are born on December 20 are hiding it, and do not get enough love in return — love should be a two-way street. So, they should learn to express better what is inside them, or at least to learn how to recognise their feelings appropriately. They are persons who are well accepted in the environment in which they live, their families and friends love them, and partners in them like the fact that they are brave and humorous, and in every occasion, they radiate indescribable warmth and love.

People who are born on December 20 have interests that can lead them to science, especially mathematics, and these people find creativity even inexact science, which is rare; they are competent in managing finances and can become successful bankers, or excellent accountants. So, this is just one aspect of their work personality, to say it in that way; but in these interesting people there is much more, and they are blessed at least some representatives of this date with some artistic talents.

They have a creative soul and can have brilliant results in jobs where they express creativity and artistic talent, whatever that can be — music, acting, writing or painting.