Date of birth 6 january numerology for marriage

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Calculate Lucky Numbers in Birth Date

Credit card number. CVC is for the 3- or 4-digit number on the back of your card. Email address. Use Credit Card. Or, use PayPal. But there will still be misunderstandings and small fights. However, you will have an overall successful married life. You also have a greater chance for childbirth. Marriage Numerology reveals that 7 and 4 are close as per Hindu Mythology.

Both were security guards in the Heaven. They were cursed and sent here for a sin they committed. If you marry a 4 person, therefore, your marital life will be happy.

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  • Numerology 7 cautions you not to marry any 8 person. Already as you are born with 7, your financial, marital, and love life is in turmoil. If you marry an 8 person, your marriage will turn out to be most unlucky. Numerology Number 8 is inimical to Numerology 7. Number 8 is Saturn. When he becomes your spouse, you get disappointments and defeats in your life. You suffer with miseries, misfortunes, accidents, and sorrows.

    Marriage Numerology says that you will not be happy in your marriage with a No. However your chances of childbirth are a little bright when you marry that person.

    Numerology Birth Date 6, 15, 24 कैसे होते है 6 , 15 और 26 को जन्मे व्यक्ति

    But your marriage will not last long. Numerology 7 says that if your do your marriage in your inauspicious time, your marriage life will be unhappy even if you marry a person with numerology 5.

    The Importance of Numerology in Marriage

    Do you have an unhappy married life with Numerology 7? You too can have a happy married life, if you correct your names as per name numerology and you get remarried in a newly found most auspicious date and time. Marriage Numerology advises you to correct your defective names first. Then if you had married in your unucky moment, correct this fault by the special technique called Marriage Date Rectification.

    Name Numerology advises you to seek the help of an expert who is well versed in name numerology , astrology , and bioenergetics.

    The Numerology of Wedding Dates by Elizabeth Joyce

    He should also be an expert in measuring the name vibrations with the Lecher Antenna. He will correct your names and advise you about Marriage Date Rectification. If you follow his advise all the troubles afllicting your married life will disappear.

    Wedding date astrology decoded.

    You too can lead a successful married life. If you are not lucky with your present name, better change it.