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Part of a successful relationship is learning to put someone elses needs above your own. Never in my life have I wanted to do that until I met him. In a nutshell, he makes me want to be a better person. And I love him for that. Good luck to you and your Gemini. Libra male with a virgo woman. We love and hate eachother. She nit picks, nags, fights, snaps, picky, you name it, but me being a libra see the amazing care she gives me how much she loves me. How neat, clean and orderly she is. We both say we never know if we really will end up together because of arguments.

But the good times are so good and we have amazing sexual chemistry and we truly do complete each other and compliment well, but you just need to hit the virgo with some of that libra whit, intellect, and charm. I am a female virgo and my boyfriend is a Libra, this is truly accurate and how our relationship is! You just summed it up perfectly! My boyfriend is a libra man and I am a virgo woman and this sounds exactly like us. I do a lot for her and wishing the best for her, but she always ends up dating some asshole.

What can I do to win her heart? How do I know what my energy is and how do I change that? We are funny about who we like and why…. So stay true to the friendship side of the house and if she never recognizes you then move on.. Wayne T. I am a female Virgo and from what it seems like, she probably is attracted to those assholes cause they leave her chasing them. Trust me, she will notice and sense that you tried your hardest for her. Also, keep in mind to not be so down all the time. Cheer up! Focus your energy towards positive things! Virgos can be very intuitive, she will sense it sooner or later.

Positive energy attracts everyone! Things take time, let it flow whichever way. I would say let her know how you truly feel as virgos like people who are straight forward and to the point. They also like excitement and a challenge. We get bored easily and love attention. Virgo knows who she is and what she wants. If she has not let you in yet, she is never going to let you in. Move on with your damn life. Aries- optimistic Taurus-bull headed Gemini-they go both ways even sexually Capricorn-indecisive Pisces-nice Aquarius-wise cancer-moody Libra-confused Virgo-organized Leo-Leader Scorpio- manipulative Sagittarius- Free spirit.

I am very keen on being precise with most things in my life, and she was not. They say that they want this, then turn around and say they want something else. No offense to anybody, this is just my personal experience. I am a 32 year old Virgo and married a Gemini. Now we are divorcing. As you said, Geminis will say I want this one minute, then change their mind 10 minutes later. Geminis can turn their back on you and not think twice, in fact my wife cheated on me and tried to hide the affair despite the evidence, no signs of regret on her part.

And yes, they are a mess, never know what they really want. You could shove a 6 foot long xanax bar up their asses and theyd still be anal retentive. Im a virgo, im dating a gemini.. My friends say that we bring out the best in each other and i bring stability to his life and he brings a little fun and excitement to mine. S i think virgos and capricorns make boring relationships and have a dead sex life. Scorpio and virgos are good, my ex is a scorpio we were together for three years but i now hate how deep he was. I really need some help. Im a 17 year old Virgo girl and im currently in a relationship with 20 year old Libra male.

We have been together 6months now going on 7 next month. In the beginning of our relationship was wonderful but we also had some problems going on like other people trying to come between us. He talks about me moving in soon, getting married and then having kids later on. I wonder if we are great for eachother? And if we are together in the future if anything will affect us? Hey you. Im a Virgo and when i turned 17 i dated a 19 year old Libra. At first everything was amazing between us. He was so charming and knew exactly what to say to make me happy.

No offense to the Libras. But as we went on we started to argue alot. They are very good at hiding things too. They will do anything to have someone with them. Libras are desperate for attention they do and say anything to have what they want. Just my thoughts on them. I am a 18 year old Virgo female dating a 20 year old Libra male. When we first started dating, I had an ex try and come between us. He was so sweet then. And is still sweet now. We were going through some fights but most of them I started.

He has talked about moving, getting married, and having kids. But nothing soon. Its been 8 months since we first started dating. I have known him though for 7 years before that. And we get over whatever it is pretty fast. Not every Libra is the same. He compliments me a lot and always goes along with what I want. Every Libra is different.

My boyfriend is demanding too. But not a lot. XD My advice would just to wait it out a bit longer. My Libra loves attention, and all that. But he loves being around his family and friends. Admirable trait. I just say for you to see what else is going on. He could be acting out over something. Making your partner happy is not different. There are some exceptions to the rules. There are those rare instances where the odds are overcome. In your instance having a great relationship with an Aquarius. My experience was hell. She was so unstable and was trying to be controlling.

Wanting me to put friends and family after her. She was so self centered. I was a suckered for being a caring person. She was a broken person and I tried to help her. At the beginning we were good but after a while no communication, she was a partier and I am not she was so insecure it was annoying.

Very materialistic. And dependant on me for everything. So there are few exceptions to everything.

Virgo and Virgo Love Compatibility -

I need advice. I am a pisces male who is in love with a virgo female. We are already friends. Help me Virgos! If she feel anything like I do then you have hope. The problem is both signs are shy. So as hard as it is for you to tell her will be as hard for her to express her feeling back. But I am sure she feels the same as you. My pisces friend looks into my eyes everyday and I believe they say Iove you and even through I know he love me and I love him the fear of losing what we have now stop us from being real with each other.

Tell her!!! I know I have been waiting to hear him say that to me. But hey I would do it and anytime is the right time so go for it. Good luck. Dont worry the opposite of virgo is pisces Is u.. Iam a female virgo and married to Aquarius guy. Our marriage have 2 years and now i have virgo daughter. I felt it was really tuff time after my marriage. I dont believe in zodic sign but now our thinking are almost opposite so now i have started reading horoscope and others comment sothat i can make good understanding with him.

Virgo matches with Virgo, only when both have the same birth chart. They reflects each other. Both of us are Libra ascending. Date of proposal, January All the best to me. Cancer — they are so caring, genuine and loving. I have dealt with plenty of cancer man and they all had the same problem. Taurus — they are kind of similar to cancer.

This is by far the best I ever had. The only problem that cease to exist for me is the way he dress, he has no style! I am a leo women married to a virgo. We have been together 13 years. We bump heads hard and we are both stubborn but we cannot stay away from each other. He is so difficult and I know he would say the same about me but we are crazy about each other. I def understand, the one time we did butt heads and claim we were going on a break, we were right back tecxting each other within hours and back together within 3 days. Leos and Virgos easily develop strong devotions to one another.

Both signs value loyalty and trust, this strengthens that devotion. Leo likes to party, Virgo likes to reflect. I am a Virgo male. Oh boy. Where to start and where to end. I think there are two types of every sign. This is only logical solution. Bad and good kind of same sign. Perfection, imperfection. Hard working or lazy. I think virgos have a hard time about them selfs. But hell yeah we can criticize but not only others but us as well. We are i think most self destructive force of all signs because of neediness for reaction, feedback. I have tried many sign except gemini, libra, scorpio, sagittarius and leo.

I think that virgo need a very strong sign that is also loyal and loving but very powerful at the same time. Because virgo are in general are very loyal except for the dark virgo yeah the other part of virgo. Pisces are also a good sign for virgo but pisces cant be lost at some point but very loving mix. I hate gemini even if i did not have any relationship with them.

Talk about madness combo. My stepmom and even my sister are gemini. I think that aquarius can criticize even more then virgo. And i still dont know why i think this about scorpio. I would like to try Leo because this is kind of power one Virgo needs. The tolerant Leo is one quality that virgo needs. I think Leos are real fighters in life general and they are not affraid of antyhing.

But this i must say. When Virgo meets second Virgo. Time stops everywhere. I had two Virgos in my life and both of those was last ones. There are no more equal partner for Virgo then other Virgo. I would die for second Virgo even if it was not ment to be.

I think this is soulmate for Virgo, the second Virgo but it cant last. Personally i can forgive and stop the fight but two virgos cant. I wish that Virgos could get along because the depth of this two together is so deep. And passion they share together is hah WOW not from this world. But the two of the same cant last long but is most magical period of my life and most painful.

Everything else is not even in compare. I think that Virgo need some serious powerful sign.

Virgo in Love: Not So Virginal After All!

Not because Virgo cant be strong. We can work as no other ever. Wow talk about disaster. One was so in darkness that it was very scary. But he did get up and became a better person. Even the second one even he changed to a better person. But all of them share the same characteristic. Need for love.

I would like to know why i am affraid of scorpio. Taurus is maybe the best combo for Virgo because thay can last a long time i think and there is planty of real love involved. But i like to believe that Virgos need a strong sign by their side so they can correct Virgos in their errors but at same time be supportive and loving.

Taurus Woman — OMG! Then met another Virgo in that made me feel equal and its always been a Virgo Male that has done this to me , but I say when it comes to the crunch they become pussies always cant seem to be strong enough for a strong Taurus woman , we Taureans are the most strongest , loyal and beautiful people in the Zodiac sign ….

I am a Gemini and find it interesting that I am not compatible nor incompatible with my husband who is a virgo. His demeaning behaviors drives me nuts, but my double sides drives him nuts at times. He always says.. Guess it all depends on, the person and not just the sign. Also in a relationship with a Virgo dude. And my Virgo man persuaded me to date him. And since then he has been cold to me. And I really love him.

Am a capricorn female. One thing most Libras have that ticks Virgos off is their flightiness. Also, Pices guys tend to be flighty…. I was in a relationship with a Scorpio and they should be considered for a great relationship. The only problem is their intense passion which sometimes them gives them a lack of stabiltiy at times… Also, they are emotionally manipulative. What do I Do According to everything this says about Taurus and Virgos we are perfect for each other.

Hint — Their a Fire Sign!!!!!!!!! So much so that it will fuel all your addictions!!! Careful though…. If you ever turn on one another… it will be the death of both of you! The attack comes mutually, quick and decisive! Are they or are they not closer to a compatible sign! I wish i would have read about compatable signs a long time ago. I am a virgo and was married to a sagittarius for 9 years and with him for 11 years.

We split up almost 5 years now. In the beginning it was perfect. Never fought about anything. As time went on we brought out the worst in each other and was almost a day to day fight. Every holiday or special occasion or trying to go out to spend time together we would always fight. It was unbearable. Never could get close to an Aquarian even tho my mom was Aquarian never felt loved by her. I think when you find one that does work you need to look at Moon sign or Ascendant — they probably match or are compatable.

Pisces was a good match till he left for other woman. Love of my life was another Virgo. Not all Virgos are the annoying, fussy, nitpicking and critical people we made out to be. First time ive seen us accused of being lazy; since we such perfectionists. But you could be half right about Aquarius. Had 6 wonderful years with one before it fell apart. But think that had more to do with his ego being bruised than anything else. Being a male Virgo, is not an easy life, always expecting perfection, I was married to a Leo, that was okay for 22 years, but I guess I finally got to her…LOL.

Then I remarried a Pisces, which was also very tiring, ended up in jail for a couple of weeks, because we were arguing. Never a hand layed on each other, but she was crazy enough to dial She had a bad fall and ended up with a Severe Brain Injury, if that did not happen, I would probably be long gone.

I lightly tease her, but it is something I have to do, to get her to be more independent. Once she went to customer service to tell them that I was lost. It as been something that makes this marriage work. We now have a very strong relationship that is built on love, empathy and devotion.

One that will purely last. My BEST one is ma present boyfriend who is a virgo.. What about Scorpios? What can be perceived as me being critical is that I tend to polish or want to make perfect a person or a thing. Perhaps this is my folly. For some of us, its not our intent. Perfection and super critical of everyone else.

Ha ha ha ha. I do find that I get along really well with Capricorns, Cancers, and Pisces. Have dated Aries and Libra. Wayne Palmer Jr. My ex was a scorpio and it was a very good relationship but decided to stay friends cause we have more fun like that. I am a Sag and dated a Virgo and most of my family members are Virgos. First let me say a lot of how signs develop also has to do with there social environment. I settled down with a Capricorn been with him nine years now, best relationship ever.

Back to Virgo, my ex was a great friend he was fun to hang out with. Very supportive, everything me as a friend and everything him as a friend worked. Once he began dating he was the worst, he was lazy, became boring and the worst in bed I have experienced. He lied a lot, never followed through with what he said he would do….

It basically did not work out between us cuz he was so selfish. Now my cousin, we grew up together , very close like sisters. She is a big lier if it will get her , her way she will lie like its no ones business. She is known for cheating on her Scorpio in fact they are always clashing bumping heads all the time. Because of all this me and her no longer are on speaking terms because she is too drama oriented and I hate it big time.

When she saw it get seriouse between be and him she became paranoid. So that is my experience with Virgos. I believe not all Virgos are the same. My son is a Virgo and he is the smartest , outgoing, none judgemental man. But like I said before there are different kinds of people in all signs. My son has a lot of qualities mr and his father have. And I always encourage him to be expressive of his emotions that there was nothing wrong with that.

So like I said it all depends some qualities have to be brought out as others corrected. But all three of my boys are over good man, they signs Virgo, Aires and Aqua and it was a battle with them because they all have strong personalities all are Alfa males and all tried to out shine one another, very competitive amongst each other. And there is nothing with competition as long as it is healthy. Because of this as well I equally have them all the same amount of attention because if not it would be a problem, encouraged them all in what ever they wanted to do.

So just wanted to put that out there. I am a Virgo man and have had lots of relationships. I totally agree with the matches and mismatches. However as i got older i realized that I am my own worst critic. I am a clean and neat freak and I guess being born in the year of the dog I am a servant to the right woman. Got married and got divorced because I was doing everything. Maybe us Virgos are nuts?? Who knows. Anyhow it was interesting to see what other people wrote. I am virgo female and my boyfriend ws a sagittarians, we really enjoy our relationship very well. How about libra and taurus??

There's more to a relationship than someone's sun sign. After reading all of the comments those of us interested in posting and following this should know that dating a virgo can be like driving in a nail with no hammer… To warn those of you light readers, this will be very long and get into the depth of what makes a Virgo, a Virgo. I am a virgo male and sometimes find that my love life can be tough. Usually it is not because it has to be, on the contrary, it is the opposite of that. When Balance and harmony present a constant, an infliction seems to appear.

Being focused on such small details may turn a crack into a canyon… To explain this, I refer to my first love; a Sagittarius. What a wonderfully creative individual! Free spirit, love for art, music, and good times. For the first three months everything was in perfect harmony. Anyone who truly knows, or is, a Sagittarius should know that they have an amazing capability to love!

Exploration and freedom, to do so is a must! They will take you beyond reality into their perception of bliss and beyond our realms. Fire at heart, yet grounded at the core, truly wonderful souls.

Aries Sun Virgo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Forgetting completly about the above mentioned milk reference. With the virgo at home and the Sagittarius roaming free, this will cause quite a large issue! A new plan will take time to come up with! Truly perfectionists at heart we cling to analyze and dissect even the most trivial of things, in turn turning nothing into something.

I a very strange way, this is our way of showing the other person that we care. As a Virgo we long for the perfect mate, the perfect companion. As humans we all know the true perfection does not exist. Always having the perfect tool in hand we may often seem to be; uncaring, selfish, prude, stubborn, uninvolved, introverted, shy, busy, bossy, critical, or even angry. The reason for our laziness stems from our need to be recognized for all of the hard work and effort that we put in to every task that we do.

The constant need for approval and comfort for those around us is why we are so focused on all of the small details. A virgo is not one to ever relax, our minds never stop thinking, and you may find us doing many hours of research on something that is irrelevant to us. All in all we have a strong desire to please, being a mutable sign we are constantly changing and ruled by Mercury our drive for knowledge may seem endless. When a virgo can truly feel comfortable with the one that they love they will serve them, and only them until death making even that moment special and practical to those important.

To sum it up we tend to create a lot more stress for ourselves then is needed and seem to never let anything go. As lovers once truly appreciated for all of our effort and hard work, we will give everything that we have to please and go beyond that! A virgo is a good lover with a really big heart if you treat them right and assure them that everything is ok, constantly remind them that they are needed and appreciated, give them extreme about of affection and love, give in to our arguments, because we will remember every detail with perfect precision.

They will give to you your every need and present it perfectly on a silver platter. Best match I have ever had has so far been an Aquarius. You Aquarians truly know how to reach a deeper level of spirituality and faith, and can be quite exciting in the sack! I was with a Scorpio for 5 years and she drove me nuts! My brother is a Libra married to a virgo and they get along very well and they have a spoiled little Pisces girl. I am a Virgo and my boyfriend is a Aries. But I have to disagree with Pisces though.

My boyfriend before my Aries boyfriend was a total ass. We only dated for about a month and he forgot about me and got together with another girl while we were dating. So yes to Aries and no to Pisces. This is not accurate because, Virgos and Pieses, are not compatible, and we are not compatible with geminis either..

No way. But in reality they are people who are always looking to trade up, and think nothing of telling your business to half the world, regardless of who gets hurt. I am an Aries girl and I am in a committed relationship with this Virgo guy for more then a decades now!! We fall in love when we were 13 and we are still falling in love with each other every time we see each other…. Love Cancer male, so much affection, romanticism and unpredictable nature bring full of charm. But, he is very insecure, and secretive once in awhile. Virgo loves Cancer male…that is for sure..

They can be also good friends and colleagues. Virgo also goes well with pisces men who are emotional and romantic because Virgo wants to be a hero to save those emotional people. I love horoscopes and this page describes in one of the best ways that any others do. I love it. My favorite match has been with a aquarian man though.

Capricorns love em! Gemini short and sweet but still love em to death lol. Leos love their sense of humor. Taurus too stubborn and inflexible. Pisces either hell or heaven lol.

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  4. Virgo Best and Worst Relationship Matches | Fantasy world of zodiac sun signs.

Like libras. I agree. I am a Virgo and My dad is Aquarius and we have never had a good relationship. My daughter is Capricorn and we always want to be together. I have a Capricorn brother, want to give him a black eye, capricorns are for someone else wanted to slice a pisces neck. Led me to cheat, DONT ever want one of those again. The fact that you cheated and can say they drove you to cheat only makes me wonder who was the real issue here the Leo or you.

I like to find out how he ticks and everyday is never boring unless I piss him off! She also really attractive and cute!! And also want to bring to your attention that Aquarius are nice and caring but they always try to make themselves feel better over the back of the other person and also think they are always right which definitely not working with me and will not.

Not to mention that my mom is an Aquarius. Imagine the hell I was in and I m still live in. I have an extreme difficulty to find someone that I truly love and enjoy. My love does not last long as soon as I start to see dishonesty from my partner. I would say they are the hardest working sign i can think of alot of this can be attributed to the personality.

Are u Male or Female? If u dnt mind me asking that is. I thought this was a dominant sign but the only dominant Leo I know is my mom. I mean they were good men and took care of home and all but I was able to walk all over them! It sucked! I thought this was the best sex match ever until I met another Virgo. Virgo on Virgo is a match made in heaven. They also love talking down on people and criticize way to much.

Leos men are to over confident for nothing they just act dominant as a cover up because their actually screw ups. Virgos are wait-and-see-ers too, so sometimes this causes a break in communication. My current boyfriend is a virgo who was married to a leo virgo man, leo woman and it was the same thing with them. You talk so bad about this Virgo as if all Virgos act the same…. Maybe you just entered an immature relationship because you decided to just jump in instead of evaluating the person as a whole and getting to know them better before deciding to be with them.

My sister is a Leo. I am a virgo male. We get along great. Think of virgo as one of those cats who hates to be held. You want to own a virgo, put the VJ on hold and he will come running. Both signs are very intellectual albeit in different ways , so they run the risk of overthinking things, especially when it comes to sex. Virgo tends to agonize over big choices like when to get intimate even more than Aquarius, but one thing is certain: To make a relationship between these signs work, patience and lots of it will be an absolute necessity.

Virgo: Once you've decided that you want to take the next step with your Aquarius, don't agonize over every little detail of the encounter. Overanalyzing each moment as it happens won't do anything for you or your partner. Aquarius: Try not to see Virgo's overthinking in the bedroom as a turn-off. While it may irk you at the start, that thoughtfulness and sensitivity will help other parts of your relationship flourish. As a fixed sign, Aquarius can be stubborn, which can be hard for mutable Virgo to handle. Virgo can be overly willing to sacrifice their own happiness in favor of their partner's, so it's essential to find a healthy balance for both partners.

Aquarius should be aware of when they're asking too much of their Virgo, and Virgo should make an effort to recognize when they're being taken advantage of. When Aquarius and Virgo can learn to appreciate their differences, the results can be truly breathtaking. Here are a few benefits of a union between these signs. Virgo can offer structure to Aquarius, who often have a hard time manifesting. Virgo has such a strong will to conquer its goals, but that's not all—Virgo also has a plan to attain those goals.

Aquarius, on the other hand, is a visionary constantly coming up with new, beautiful ideas, but with no clear plan to make those ideas a reality. Virgo can help make Aquarius's inner world come alive. Both will take the relationship slow, which is what they both need Aquarius especially : a relationship that starts more like a friendship.

Aquarius loves to talk and explore ideas, and conversation will be frequent with the Virgo, who is constantly putting their self out into the world and coming up with different ideas. Neither sign is particularly jealous. Virgos are naturally prone to doubt and may feel insecure if they see their Aquarius around other suitors, and Aquarius may feel upset if they think their Virgo finds someone else just as intriguing. Aquarius wants their Virgo to see them as absolutely unique.

Luckily, since most relationships between these signs start as friendships, open communication should come naturally, helping them navigate any potential envy with relative ease. After all, this is one of the reasons the two are drawn together in the first place! Since they are both high-level thinking signs, they will feel comfortable exploring new and challenging ideas.

Virgo will try hard to pin you down and figure you out because they have been waiting for someone who is as fast of a thinker as they are, and you stick out like a sore thumb. The best thing you can do is just be yourself. Virgo may feel threatened by how chill you can be, so they may try to peacock for your affections, but sooner or later, the two of you will come to an understanding.

When that happens, let the deep conversations begin. These two make for a strong business match. Virgo can act as a producer, publisher, or manager while Aquarius fills the role of writer, singer, or artist. They have what the other person doesn't, and if they can find a way to work together, they will make an unstoppable pair. Like most good things, a successful relationship between these signs doesn't come easily. Here are a few of the most common problems that Aquarius-Virgo couples experience.

The biggest hurdle for these two will be communication and learning how to address conflict. Aquarius can feel deeply hurt by strong judgment. Virgo can feel deeply hurt by screwing up they're very hard on themselves or being too judgmental. The two need strategies to facilitate peaceful conversation in times of tension. Virgo needs to express itself, but not at the cost of hurting Aquarius's feelings. Earth signs need to slow down and understand that there are other methods and strategies of looking at and handling life.

Your way is not the only way; there are other ways that can manifest and be just as accurate, if not more so. Virgos wants to take on the world, and sometimes they feel like no one else is capable they're perfectionists, remember? Virgo sometimes needs to step away from all the work and other obstacles that can get in the way of a healthy relationship with their Aquarius. Aquarius does not do well with an inconsistent mate. They don't like to be neglected because all Aquarians are looking for someone who accepts them, and a lack of time or shallow interest will make the Aquarius fade away.

Make sure to be consistent and clear about your interests, Virgo. Aquarius, you need to be open to letting your romantic side show. Let your creativity help you: Bake them a cake, write them notes, draw them pictures, and give them gifts. Express your romantic feelings freely and spontaneously so that Virgo gets a clear signal from you.

But don't fake it. First off, the Virgo will see through your act, but second of all, that wouldn't be true to your nature. Aquarius care greatly about authenticity and can feel weird if they are forcing their interactions with someone. If you aren't feeling it, don't force it. Bringing these two signs together can be as beautiful as it is challenging. If you are preparing to embark on a Virgo-Aquarius relationship—or are struggling with one that you're already in—here are a few tips to help make things go more smoothly. Aquarius will appreciate Virgo and the safe, traditional, and sturdy environment it provides.

They will also see Virgo as having positive parental qualities, but that doesn't mean they want to be treated like a child. Being overbearing with Aquarius is the wrong way to go. Aquarius grasps things easily and is skilled at understanding and solving conflict, but Virgo can have a tendency to harp on things and overexplain.

In general, the two would do well to think before speaking and let their anger calm and fade rather than spur them to argument, as once the fight gets started, it can be hard to cool things down again. Virgo would be wise to avoid the urge to overexplain, especially when it comes to potentially negative topics because Aquarius can get worn out by too much negativity. Besides, odds are Aquarius already understands the topic instinctively. Virgo comes to a better understanding through negativity and isn't as distraught by it, but Virgo is sensitive in its own right.

It doesn't like to be changed or told what to do, how to think, how to feel, or who they should be sexually attracted to. Going that far can set a Virgo off. Virgo can help Aquarius to be a more refined person while Aquarius can help Virgo settle down and be at peace—something the Virgo ultimately needs to achieve. Therefore, Aquarius brings Virgo the much-needed enlightenment it has been craving its whole life. The two will fight over their differences, creating a pattern where they pull away and are then drawn back to each other.

And perhaps forever.

What Is Most Attractive To Virgos?

Aquarius needs to be patient with the Virgo, to try communicating what they are thinking, and understand that Virgo will listen. Virgos are very good listeners. Aquarius are forward thinkers, but they use the past to advance their future. Virgos do a lot of self-analysis of their past to perfect their lives. Both of these signs can hold heavy shame for not fulfilling their own goals and inner selves.

Aquarius wants to be a humanitarian; it does not like conflict. Virgo wants perfection and can beat itself up for falling short. Aquarius have more emotions to them than meets the eye; this is why they are the water bearer. They store up all their emotions until it overflows or the jar breaks. It is insulting to say an Aquarius is too cold or unemotional. They have a different way of displaying and working through their emotions, which is actually at the core of who they are, not to the side as many people wrongly try to explain about the Aquarius.

Aquarius also needs to be careful not to hurt Virgo by showing a lack of compassion something Virgo takes very seriously. In general, the two would do well to think before speaking. If they do find themselves upset, they would be wise to let their anger calm and fade rather than jump into an argument, as hurtful and rash things that can't be unsaid may have a disastrous effect on their relationship. If, however, these signs can find a way to understand and appreciate each other for their differences, they will form a brilliant pair. Their great minds don't think alike, and that's what makes the combination so spectacular.

Virgo: Look for strategies to better relay negative messages. Don't overload the Aquarius with negativity; this could push them away from you. Aquarius: Communicate what you're feeling even if it doesn't fully make sense, and don't hold back when it comes to pushing through your vulnerabilities. Keep your Virgo in the know. A Virgo craves a clean space, clean energy, clean aesthetics, and purity. Aquarius doesn't put as much energy toward having a clean space or care as much in general about the concept of clean , though it will be a bonus to them to have a clean space because Aquarius is sensitive and easily affected by the external world.

Aquariuses craves creativity over cleanliness, perfection, and the like, and they can get overwhelmed by too many materialistic commands. It might be best for Virgo to take on more household work while Aquarius tends to other relationship matters, from spontaneity to romance. If possible, Virgo should manage good chunks of housework and have Aquarius pick up the slack in other areas.

That being said, both partners should work on the home, not just one person. Don't let Aquarius be too lazy! Aquarius will feel well taken care of in a Virgo relationship; earth signs offer security. Virgo will feel it can spread its wings more, leaving it free to open up its inner-weird and grow as a human. The two will need shared hobbies, particularly creative projects, and they should make an effort to try new things together and be spontaneous. I support this pair dating long term. What I like about this pairing is how much devotion Virgo can offer and how Aquarius can tend to it.

Aquarius won't be judged harshly for their emotions in this pairing, but rather enjoyed for their charm. I think these two can really show a depth that is fulfilling. Some would say Aquarius with a Virgo is weird, but hold on. Aquarius is weird, so what are you expecting from any relationship with that sign?

As an Aquarius, I would know! Virgo is great at manifesting things into reality, they are great caretakers, and they love acts of service—that's how they show love. They want their Aquarius to be comfortable around them. Virgo may cut Aquarius loose if the match doesn't seem to fit their standards early on, but once in a committed relationship, Virgo will be very loving and loyal to their Aquarius. Aquarius is great at the art of conversation, exploring unturned stones, and being sweet. They show love by spending time, physical affection, and compliments.

Aquarius show their love by adding you deeper into their social circles; you'll meet a number of friends and family members. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I like an aquarius boy but we are not exactly friends. He's trying to avoid me? Kind of.. Try having fun. Enjoy yourself first. Seem approachable. Find down to earth topics to bring up. Try to find mutual interests. Andreas, I read your comment how scorps love to stalk Aquarius.

If that isn't the truist statement! In my lifetime, I get most stabbed in the back by scorp. They can't stand the aquarius detachment. Scorp easily gets ruffled though they might not show it. Too much drama for my liking. Close friends of mine are virgo. I immensely enjoy my friendship with this sign. It's an odd couple that makes life colorful and interesting.

Do share some of your thoughts. Thanks haha. I am a Virgo and my late husband for 23 years was an Aquarius. We had a great life together we balance each other me balancing him more but it worked. Now I am with another Aquarius unexpectedly we became friends which I knew him before when we were kids lost touch with him reunited after my husband's death. We both found it odd to reunite as friends but now intimate.

I found that this article helped me to understand him and myself more thank you. I will be sharing this article with him so he can read it at his leisure in a quiet place no distractions so he can understand me. Yes Virgos and Aquarius are compatible and if anyone read this article their relationship can be much better. An intelligent conversation with a Virgo is the sexiest thing in the world But unfortunately they take things and tell lies about you when you make them mad, which is easy to do.

But gawd they sure are smart about social, political and Earthly knowledge. Very Judgmental. I am the Virgo and my Husband of 51 years is the Aquarian. Sadly Death was the only thing that parted us. Had a wonderful life together. Yes a Virgo and Aquarian do work and highly recommend the match. My Virgo and I who is Aquarius have been together for over three years now. It was hard at first and most of above I agree with. But once we stuck it out and overcame our hurdles and his walls came down and there were many at first. We are truly soulmates and adore each other!

The traits above mentioned are spot on, and if you find yourself in this match don't give up! At least for me We both feel so lucky to have each other! We have been together for 17 years married for 7 of those years. He's my best friend and visa versa. We talk to eachother about everything. Trust and communication is always there support as well Im not really sure how this video is true. She is my only close friend, and honestly we are so perfect for each other it makes my heart want to explode. She understands me deeper than anyone ever in my life.

This is explains a lot and will help me for sure! We have been together for 4 years. Infatuated, inseparable, with an unbearable craving to be close every second of every day. After going through a ton of struggles in our relationship, we came extremely close to ending it several times, especially the most recent separation that lasted weeks!

Looking back now, I know the absence made our hearts grow fonder. We worked through it all, which made us both good forgivers. Our hard times taught us a lot. Our differences make us whole, together we are one. Ones strengths are the others weaknesses. We complement each other beautifully.

I am an Aquarian and my husband is a Virgo. We've been married for over 4 years now. It is a struggle at times for sure, there is no denying that. But they balance each other out perfectly. Article is perfect. Everything is right on. In the end my aquatius is a bad alcoholic so me as a virgo i clean keep the house clean and go crazy on on the man for drinkimg.

So on. I will as a virgo leave him bit as you say so loyal i cant. Ty for your info. In goimg to try to communicate and save are relationship bc we do love each other and we do have a child. But in the end not sure if we r to compatible under stressful situations like addictions. The virgo will take over and walk away. Everything in this article is true to the Aquarius I was dating, but slightly different as she cleans a lot.

But I wish I should've read this sooner Because I did the don't do's. I let my emotions get in the way, brought a lot of negativity and now she really went poof out of my life. I am a Aquarius f and i like a Virgo m , he seems to give me signs that he likes me but im not to sure.

I am 14 years old and he is 16 :. Everything that was said was true about me. I have recently re-connected with my first love from the 6th-9th grade. I think we can make it. I'm a Virgo woman, just married my Aquarius friend. I wish my aquarius guy would open up more. He bottles things up alot and it drives me crazy. All your points were right. I don't know how you just stated all of my plans, ideas, analyses of my attraction about this aquarius woman I am secretly watching.

Although, she knows I like her to be my wife. I am a virgo man who dont fear commitment, and she's an aquarius who of course loves her freedom. Like the air, she cant be contained, like the mountains, I cannot be moved. We can exist without the other but she gives life to my barren world.

Actually, I'm just waiting, I have my eyes on her, I will definitely try every ways I can think of to get her to be with me. Oh and, I love taking pictures of her! I just really don't want to lose her. Right now, I have started a thesis about my attraction towards her haha. It's because I really want to understand how come I got hooked I also gave her a notebook containing my plans in my love life, where her name is written. We still communicate and I just hope we're getting closer. I will just let her flow freely, all I need is the air for me to breathe and erode the ways that I don't need to exist.

Thanks for this article, out of the articles I have read about our compatibility, this one gave me hope. Thank you! Wish me luck! Ah, I hope you can find something that brings a buzz to you in your 40s. Don't worry, there is bound to be something to give you a spark of joy. My husband is an Aquarius and I am a Virgo woman.

We have been married for twenty years and we are are going strong. I am extremely practical and pragmatic, and he is spontaneous, and quirky. I love to stay home and organize, and he likes to go out with his friends and family. Hey our relationship works for us. We respect and admire our differences.