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The symbol associated with Pisces is fish- actually two fishes swimming in opposite directions, one upstream and the other down stream. The symbol itself indicates the mental conflict in Pisces. The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune, a sea god as vast, nebulous, Leep, mysterious and an unknown force full of energy as the sea itself.

The planet imparts the Pisces with a high degree of compassion, dignity, beauty and divinity, as Leep as the ocean itself. It is believed that Neptune converted himself into a stallion to woo a goddess Demeter when she became a mare. Since then Neptune is also called the precursor of horse racing. Neptune, as a Greek god ruled over the lakes and rivers and is, therefore, associated with Pisces, the symbol of water.

The romantic side of Neptune is related with dance, music and poetry, which are products of imagination, sensitivity and idealism. All these traits are naturally reflected in the Pisces people.


Pisces people, as reflected by their symbol, remain in conflict, whether to go the easy way, flow with the current down stream or choose the challenging one, go against the current, take the challenge and swim against the tide. This inner conflict is reflected through the practical conduct of the Pisces people, which evokes contradictory impressions about them. Pisces people are the best self-analysts in all the zodiac signs. This virtue draws them closer to true and gifted mystics.

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They do not allow their ego to determine the quality of their interaction with others. They yield more than they demand. They are Plutonic in their relationship seeking spiritual rather than physical pleasures. Since they are trusting people they can at times be duped into false relationships.

Pisces Horoscopes and Astrology - Free Pisces Horoscope

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  8. Desperate times call for desperate measures, but not in the way you imagine. Yes, your bank account could use an infusion but so could your love life. Focus on romance instead of money. Someone is writing you love letters on office letterhead.

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    Don't get swept up in it, today. You need to keep your wits about you if you want to make the best decision. Falling in love with a fleeting vision, a spiritual calling or a beautiful person is all too easy today. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to tell the difference between fact and fiction when it comes to your affections.

    Don't try to figure out what's happening now; just enjoy the experience for what it's worth. Untangle the threads in the tapestry of life on another day when things make more sense.

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    The truth is reality and fantasy can blend into a magical moment that breaks open your heart if you're willing to believe in the impossible. Indulge your romantic side today by reading poetry. If that leaves you feeling inspired, try writing some of your own! Get good mental picture of your current crush, then let the words flow. In addition to your kilowatt smile, your inner beauty shines especially bright today. Your honey notices your charm and adorableness. Accept compliments gracefully and return the sentiment. You're feeling even more laid back than usual that's why you would much rather kick back with a friend or two than party hard.