What is a leo sign most compatible with

A fulfilling relationship on every level. A tenacious couple — both are powerful and passionate, with charisma and ambition to spare. Both signs are fixed in quality translation: stubborn and an inherent friction exists between them. But with supportive contacts elsewhere in their charts, this relationship can be enduring and fulfilling. Mutual respect is assured. Leo feels drawn to the emotional depth, sensitivity and intensity smoldering beneath the cool Scorpio exterior.

Leo lights up a room, their lion-hearted spirits spread sunshine that warms Scorpio to their core. Both have a dramatic, romantic nature and a committed relationship between these two will be fiercely loyal and devoted. Both have strong egos with a tendency to dominate, and power struggles can arise. Most of the tension between them will dissipate with a common goal, and as both are strong willed and ambitious, they can work extremely well together to create almost anything.

Much depends upon compatible factors elsewhere between them.

The Leo Man

Power struggles of some sort are guaranteed with this combination, yet they can form an intensely powerful and loving union. If they bring a third element into the mix in the form of a creative intention that is dear to them both, this match can burn bright. Care must be taken, however, as fireworks from time to time are inevitable. A dynamic pair with loads of presence; these two make a real statement when they walk into a room!

Ruled by the life giving Sun and fortunate Jupiter, both of these two fire signs radiate positive, expansive and high energy vibes. Their essential compatibility supports a harmonious rhythm; both Leo and Sag are outgoing and ambitious, and will enjoy being active in the outdoors, exploring cultural pursuits or the social scene.

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They share a sense of social responsibility, Sag seeking Truth and Justice and Leo courageously defending the needy and protecting the helpless. They both know how to enjoy life — their enthusiasm is contagious. Though some potential conflicts exist, these two have the capacity to bring out the best in each other and can rise to heights of happiness and exhilaration.

This is a compatible combo - they fit like a glove. Their fiery natures may spawn some energetic competition, but they can both emerge winners when they realize the potential gold medal this relationship represents. Leo loves an audience, and Capricorn loves power, so along the way on this love journey these two can find they do have something in common, that is if they can keep the balance of adoration and power under control, which is a delicate balance. Capricorn is far more patient than Leo can ever hope to be, and will steadily help Leo achieve their goals with careful and strategic planning, if Leo lets them.

Leo is born to be on center stage and for the most part, Capricorn is willing to let Leo take the kudos and praise they need. Capricorn will sit in the background, but not the back stalls, as they do require some level of recognition for their part in a successful partnership. If Capricorn holds the balance of power and pulls the strings behind the scenes, and Leo is star, then everyone is happy. The lion is strategic as well, but will go after their goals at a faster and riskier pace than Capricorn, which can cause tension.

But all things aside; these two do have a certain respect and fascination of each other. They realize they are very different, however, they both have a high opinion of themselves and this can be almost a reflection of each other they see in themselves. They both aim to live the high life, and are natural leaders. If they give each other a chance to get to know the other, they will realize although they have a lot of different character points, they do in fact complement each other in more ways than first thought.

However, it may not be enough glue to hold them together as an ongoing relationship.

Aries as a Best Match for Leo

Hopefully, they can meet in the middle. Opposite poles of the same axis, these two complement each other on an elemental level and can join forces to generate a powerhouse of creative force in the world. Both signs are strong minded, high energy, outgoing and independent. Both express fierce individuality with a glorious, willful abandon, but in decidedly opposite ways.

They recognize in each other qualities they lack, themselves, which is part of their magnetic attraction. Fiery Leo comes from the heart — their sheer power of personality radiates with the warmth, exuberance and celebration of self of a playful, expressive child. Aquarius comes from the mind — they express their visionary genius through an insistence on individual freedom and humanitarian evolution. Aquarius defiantly breaks cultural restrictions; they reject convention and will go their own way without much concern for the opinion of others. Aquarius needs the warmth, playful, sunny positivity that Leo embodies.

First dates become a chance to make each other laugh, with each trying to top the other. These two are drawn to games, amusement parks, improv, fashion, and anything novel. There will be many days and nights spent in colorful places, actively engaging with the world, and each other.

At some point, however, Venus Leo might wonder if life is all fun and games to Venus Gemini. A sticking point for Leo is loyalty, and Gemini is known to be capricious. Living with the uncertainty of loving such an erratic, changeable character may be hard on the heart. Conversely, Leo's attempts to rein in flighty Gemini might come off as overdramatic and domineering and could give Gemini the jitters. There could be other factors, though, in the synastry, that give their love a more constant nature.

If Venus Leo can accept Venus Gemini's need for space and lightness, this has the makings of a lifelong relationship. One thing that stands out is a shared love of children and all things related to childhood. First dates could begin with swapping stories of memorable events, and impressions from growing up. But what about going out?

Venus Cancer is by and large a homebody, only truly comfortable among people they know and trust. Venus Leo, on the other hand, sees all the world as a stage and is buoyed by seeing admiration in others' eyes. Venus Leo gets restless for excitement and will become irritable, even aggressive if stuck in the same old same old. Venus Leo also tends toward high drama, while the Venus Cancer lover can be shy with feelings at least in public.

What Leo wants is ardent passion.

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  • What they get is the Crab's invisible, but palpably felt, webbing of emotion. This can feel comforting or claustrophobic. But the big differences in love styles can be met with compromise and by understanding each other's nature. What matters is that each wants to be deeply loved and understood for the unique person they are. When that's fostered, the relationship can be a success. Can one relationship contend with two drama kings, queens, or one of each?

    That's the question here, with two lovers who bask in the admiration of the other. And vice versa? That's a core theme, but beyond that, it's a match with a lot going for it. Both are risk-takers, but also prone to seeing only what they want to see. A breathless affair could be short-lived if reality intrudes and bursts the fantasy.

    Lions make super-fun parents, and take great pride in their children. Holidays and birthday parties are standout moments. Both crave luxury and stylish clothes and enjoy being seen. As creative powerhouses, each will support the other's ambitions. If these two don't block the other but instead combine their energies, this is a magnificent match.


    Venus Leos want their Venus Virgo lovers to be visibly enthralled, overwhelmed by Leo's special something. A Venus Virgo helpmate has a natural reserve, but they are diligent in creating a daily rhythm that works in practice. What they lack in theatrics, they make up for in sincerity, loyalty, and devotion. Venus Virgo is modest and meticulous, while Venus Leo is self-aggrandizing and dramatic. This pairing is just not a match, simple as that!

    For starters, the two of you can be so similar that there is just no getting past it. Both are fierce, hot-headed, egotistical and showy, but in each of your minds there can only be one star and you are it.

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    • If you still want to give it a go, though, be prepared for the bad days. Shouting, low-blows, drama galore, nothing is off-limits when the two of you fight. Good luck In many ways, the two of you are complete opposites, and opposites do not always attract so seamlessly. Scorpio likes to keep a low profile while Leo seeks out the spotlight, and this becomes a big problem when Leo flocks to friends to discuss relationships while Scorpio wants to keep all of that between the two of them.

      Leo woman and sagittarius man love compatibility

      Both of you have an intense drive and will work harder than most people to get what you want, and the two of you will never fight over the spotlight. Your relationship is full of many misunderstandings and tons of differences. Leo is ready to attack life head on while Capricorn likes to think out and plan their path, this difference alone will drive the two of you insane. Remember that attraction we mentioned? Well, there is a chance that this attraction can be completely and solely physical, the issue is, Leo will more than likely ending up falling for Capricorn easily.

      A relationship between Leo and Capricorn is going to take a lot of patience, a lot of hard work, and might just result in a lot of disappointment. In any relationship, Leo needs a lot of attention. It can definitely feel like a job sometimes, being in a relationship with Leo. She needs constant reassurance that you still like her — and in reality, it can be emotional or physical reassurance.

      But the really good thing about being in a relationship with Leo is that anything that she expects out of a relationship, she will absolutely be giving back in return. Leo is one of the most loving, generous, romantic and passionate of all the signs. Also known as the Lion, Leo is full of pride and will parade your relationship around for everyone to be envious of, and she will protect you and stick by you through the thick and thin of your relationship.

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      The ups and downs will definitely be extreme, but Leo will do just about anything to make the relationship as amazing as it can be. There is no wrong place to look for love when you are a Leo! You will naturally draw eyes to you with the way you carry yourself, and how genuine a person you are even from a distance.

      Head to the gym or visit your local coffee shop and let the magic happen! Careful though, with all that easy love is bound to come with a little heartbreak, too.