Horoscope birthday october 28 2019

That said, some relationships may indeed end at this time. They have run their course, and it's time for you to turn your attention elsewhere. Mercury makes a helpful connection to Saturn and the sun clashes with Pluto on October 14, creating a supportive energy for communication despite the ego clashes that are sure to take place on this day.

Birthday Horoscope October 28th

It's a great time to figure out plans concerning your living situation, finances, and security, as well as to discuss boundaries and standards with the people in your life. Be on the lookout for manipulators and control freaks this month! An especially creative energy flows at work as Mercury makes a harmonious connection with dreamy Neptune on October 15—inspiration is flowing!

An intense conversation may take place, but you're approaching it with confidence and incisiveness.

October 28 Scorpio Personality

Your ruling planet Venus makes a helpful connection with Saturn on October 20, and a helpful energy flows for making commitments. Romance also flows as Venus harmonizes with Neptune on October 21, and this is also a fantastic time for creativity at work. In your spiritual practice, this is a juicy time to cast a spell for abundance, wealth, and creativity in your daily life.

Scorpio season begins on October 23!

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The focus shifts from yourself to your stuff as you take stock of your belongings and rethink your budget. Scorpio season often finds you having conversations about worth and value maybe it's time to ask for a raise! Your ruling planet Venus makes a helpful connection with power planet Pluto on October 25, helping you get important people on your side and encouraging you to make requests. Mars clashes with Saturn and a new moon in Scorpio arrives on October 27, finding you setting firm limits and perhaps also facing a limitation or obstacle.

A fresh start arrives in your finances, and whatever limit you face will show you what you still have to learn. The sun opposes Uranus on October 28, bringing surprises on the financial front again.

㉘ Numerology Number 28. Secrets of your Birthday

They have great self-respect and a strong sense of dignity. At the same time, they are distrustful, somewhat egoistical, imperious and aggressive — also, always industrious and brave. Their mind is active, independent, always carefully observant of everything that goes on around them. It should be added that they also show an interest in everything that is mysterious and mystic, fond of daydreaming at times.

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Whatever they do, they do it with great energy and precision. It should be added that once they step out of the trodden path, they are firm and persevering about it. What barely bothers others people drives them to hate, opposition, anger, jealousy and vengeance.

18 Fun Birthday Facts About October 28, You Must Know

For their passions are much stronger than those in an average person, their courage never leaves them and their will is iron. October 28 natives have a desire to wield power. They don't need to be in a visible position, nor do they hunger after compliments. What they want is the power to make decisions. Money is seldom a key issue with them, except in the way it gives them leverage. They are careful handlers of money.

Scorpio 12222 Horoscope

October 28 people are tough on others and tougher on themselves. Getting to where they want to go is worth a lot to these scrappy types, but they will not compromise their ethics. They know the race of life is won by long-distance runners, not sprinters. Jill M.