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If you do have to sign papers, do so on September 19 when Mars and Pluto are in sync, or on September 24, when Mercury and Jupiter will be rooting for you all the way. If your birthday falls on July 12, plus or minus five days, you will enjoy the time at and near the full moon of September 13 very much.

The same is true if you have Cancer rising or the natal moon in Cancer at 21 degrees. If you have been hesitant to know what to do about a relationship, you will emerge from limbo after Saturn regulates its orbit in the days and weeks after September You will have more closure on that relationship now.

If your spouse or steady sweetheart has been out of work, he or she will likely secure the job, or if this person has been ill, will start to show signs of recovery. If you hoped to marry but the topic seems to have disappeared, it is likely to come up again now for a formal engagement by the December holidays.

On the other hand, if you are trying to divorce but the paperwork and negotiations have lagged, Saturn will speed up the process.

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When any planet goes retrograde, it does something that astrologers call station in place. A stationary planet temporarily hangs in the sky like a beautiful lantern and seems not to move. Those periods are extremely potent, so you should watch what happens during those periods because a big planet will always give you a clue of what comes next related to its house position.

Saturn is in your commitment house, so that is where the message will come from. The clue will be subtle, but it will be there if you watch the kinds of phone calls, emails, and texts you receive at those times. As you move closer to the end of the month, the new moon in Libra at five degrees will draw your attention to your home. You will have four elegant, heavenly bodies in your solar fourth house of home, including the Sun, new moon, Venus, and Mercury, and by October 3, Mars will have entered this part of your chart, too.

You might have an exciting furniture delivery, or you may be making some easy home repairs. Or you may be hiring a contractor to put in a beautiful new kitchen or asking workmen to make some major repairs. The cable guy may be there, or the delivery men might come to take out your rugs, shades, and upholstery for cleaning. Alternatively, as the reason I see voices and noise, you may be hosting guests for a party or inviting family or friends to stay over for a few days or longer. Your timing is good, dear Cancer, for when you reach the end of next month, October, Mercury will retrograde from October 31 to November Act now.

If you need a computer, a new dishwasher, or television, choose it now. Early September will be a magical time to travel to a nearby city. You will have five heavenly bodies in your close-by travel sector, so your yearning to leave town will be very strong. Give in and be spontaneous. Thanks to Uranus, a good friend may surprise you with an invitation or a great idea for a quick weekend getaway in the first ten days. No doubt about it, this trip will be fun. You will want to go with someone you know and love, such as your romantic partner, a sibling, or cousin, and you will more likely travel for personal reasons, not for business.

If you do travel for business, it seems a colleague or boss will accompany you. You seem ready to take a more distant trip at the full moon on September 13 and will take it for personal reasons—it could turn out to be bewitchingly romantic.

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The full moon will conjoin poetic Neptune, making you feel swept away by events in a heavenly way. You will love the place you go, and it appears to be at the shore, a lake, river, or brook rushing with sparkling, crystal-clear water. You might be returning to college or graduate school by this full moon, readying yourself for an exciting new semester.

This month also seems to require you to look at a contract that you will need to sign. If so, speak with your lawyer about clauses that seem to need to be clarified. With so many planets in detailed Virgo at the start of the month, seeing an attorney is the right way to go. If you are involved with an application for immigration, citizenship, green card, or visa, this full moon will likely bring a gratifying answer within four days of September If you think back to earlier this year, in January, your relationship was likely going through a tough patch This month might bring a thawing of the frustrations you have felt, or you may come closer to knowing what you must do about the relationship as you move forward—whether to leave it or mend it.

Saturn governs your committed relationships in love—including marriage—and business, and it is important to note that Saturn will go direct on September 18 after months of being retrograde.

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You will finally be able to act on your feelings about your partner one way or the other after this date. If you are in love, you may draw closer. If you have doubts, you may finally open yourself up to meet another person who will be better for you. You will have Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and new moon all in that sector, soon to be joined by Mars, the action planet.

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You seem to have plans to move, renovate, redecorate, or make other major changes to your space—Venus will take a leading role, so the changes will be to make your space appear soft, comfortable, enticing, and welcoming. The lighting you choose will be very flattering to all concerned.

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I love this new moon of September 28 because Venus and Jupiter, coincidently, will be aligned perfectly, paving a joyous period that will allow you to put your plans into action for your home and family in the weeks that will follow the new moon. The changes you make will be beautiful and real morale boosters.

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If you instead focus on your parents, you can make substantial improvements in their lives now, too. You are more distressed than usual over any dissonance in your environment or personal relationships and you are inclined to avoid serious discussions or real disagreements with others. Also, challenging mental work and concentration is difficult for you now. Sudden unexpected events and breaking free of confining situations and relationships are very likely.

There is great depth to your conversations.

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You find yourself revealing secrets or very private matters and also asking very penetrating questions of others. This is an excellent time to investigate a complex problem or mystery, look for something that has been lost or hidden, and also to learn more about your own inner depths. Read your full weekly horoscope Use the buttons below to go to the different categories for the other zodiac signs.