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Debe medir muy bien sus pasos, no debe adelantarse ni apresurarse. Debe esperar a que las cosas se den, en vez de reaccionar. Tienen que tener cuidado de no ser agresivos y aprender a medir su temperamento. No es momento de ampliar la familia. Debe tener cuidado con confrontaciones, deudas o conflictos que le puedan provocar problemas legales.

Debe tratar de trabajar en varias cosas al mismo tiempo para mantener el equilibrio y la estabilidad. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share via Email. Share on Whatsapp. Share on Telegram.

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Share on LinkedIn. Share on Pinterest. Recuerda que ya inicias un nuevo retorno Solar. No te quedes con ninguna maleta del pasado ni cargues lo negativo. Pudiste haber sentido que tus jefes o superiores, y sobre todo las personas del sexo masculino, no te apoyaban en tus proyectos. Si de esta experiencia has aprendido a no tener enfrentamientos con quienes te rodean, has salido victorioso. Este movimiento no te favorece plenamente, puede traerte cuestionamientos de viejas decisiones y hasta un poco de mal humor.

Las discusiones por las finanzas y los gastos hechos eran muy frecuentes y has tenido que aprender a controlar la ansiedad e impaciencia. The worst thing I've done on a date? Ask who her favorite serial killer is. Under a bridge. In the dark. Jamie Cooper 23, turns 24 were just perfect for each other. I adored how jealous Theo was of Sean, how he didn't want to share Jamie.

I loved how much he loved his sister, wanting to find her the perfect man, thinking Jamie might be that, but didn't see that Jamie was perfect man for him not her. Overall, I wish we had gotten more , specially from the ending. I wanted perhaps a 5 years later of something But I still liked this read, quite a lot :! Fear not rejection and heartbreak, Leo.

Hold your head up high, be your glowing, fiery self and the right people will gravitate to you, maybe even a soul mate among them. Quick basic facts : Genre : - New Adult? Love triangle? Will I read this again in the future? Rating - 3. View all 6 comments.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review actual rating: 3. Reading this is like eating an entire block of chocolate yourself. It's enjoyable, it makes you happy, it feels good but ultimately there isn't really much substance.

It follows Theo who is basically Matthew Daddario apparently and his sister Leone. Lo' and behold, Jamie Cooper, one of Theo's ex lecturers, needs a roomate and Leone and Theo are looking. Theo tries to hook his sister up with Jamie, but instead ends up falling for him instead. The main couple have a really fun dynamic and the story is super fluffy so it carries you along really quickly but really nothing happens. The real plus of this book, for me, is it's short and it goes by fast.

I didn't really ever feel like it was dragging it and that made it a quick read. But I just wish it had been a little I appreciated it wasn't super angsty and didn't have random annoying plot points thrown in just to make them suffer. They were okay, I think Theo was a much better character then Jamie in terms of how well they were written and neither of them was so 2D it was unbearable but neither of them was incredibly deep either. It's really light, fluffy and fun.

The banter and dynamic between the main couple is really well written and I think it'd be hard not to root for them to be together. They are really cute and considerate of eachoters needs and if you're here for super sweet couples but who also like, rip the shit out of eachother you'll like theo and jamie.

Theo reminded me of Neil Josten so ofc I liked him. Another tiny thing I liked, this book has little chapter headers which are super cute and funny. I thought they were really unique and fun and they made me laugh a few times This book just pipped pages I think? So it's a good one for a single sitting cute fluffy read I think but it's definitely not anything groundbreaking.

But you'll probably have a really good time reading it anyway! Seriously, I have only read a couple of shorts by Sunday, and I was hesitant to try the full-length couldn't explain why , but I'm an official fan now. Theo, and his twin sister, Leone, are living together and still dealing with the betrayal of their exes.

Yes, their exes, not just one of them. Theo and Leone thought they'd each found the one they'd spend the rest of their lives with. Unfortunately, Samantha and Derek discovered they belonged with each other instead. Happening parallel to this is the start of the new year and the twins' search for a roommate to help share the bills for their final year of undergraduate school. Through a conversation with his former tutor, Theo finds them their next roommate. Theo and Jamie knew each other from tutoring, but they weren't friends before the roommate situation. They go toe to toe in many conversations, both loving to rile the other one up.

Seriously, the banter in this book while knowing what it would eventually lead to was foreplay all on its own. No wonder I drove you up the wall. So, our main POV, Theo, is a little slow on the uptake. Bless his heart. He's considered himself straight all his life, and thinks this bond he has with Jamie is the special best friend variety. He thinks Leone and Jamie should be together, because they're both such awesome people, and he can't understand why he gets a pain in his chest each time he thinks that.

Once Theo begins to realize what's really going on with he and Jamie, the feelz will punch you right in the chest. This book has it all: best friends to lovers, Quotes of the Day, a red JLM shirt, a well-intentioned but completely clueless MC, and Theo learning that you can feel emotions during sex. Everything about this book was fabulous. Half-star deduction only because the phrasings aren't always American, and at one point, the pacing slowed down a bit.

I'm still rounding to 5 stars. Read this book! View all 22 comments. Completely entranced by the sweetness of Theo and his twin sister, Leone. Theo and Jamie owned my heart. I didn't know what to do with myself Epic bookhangover, party of one, your table is ready. I sit here writing this review with a smile on my face, butterflies in my stomach and a smiling heart. This is my first Anyta Sunday book, and to say that I'm blown away is a huge understatement.

The writing is effortless and all consuming. You are cocooned in her world, with her characters, the moment you start reading. She draws you in with a simple paragraph that has you feeling like you've reunited with friends you didn't know you had. Told entirely from Theo's POV, you are in the mind of one of the most emotionally oblivious characters.

He's only been with women up until this point, and though he thought he was in love with his ex-girlfriend, there was a clear division between his feelings for her inside and outside of the bedroom Emotions and sex just didn't have any place together. You could have strong feelings for someone, but sex was purely to satisfy your desires His feelings for Jamie knock him on his ass, but he didn't know how to categorize them, let alone how to feel them.

All he knows is that not having Jamie in his life would shatter him. The lines were starting to blur for Theo. Huge flags waving in his face and he just didn't see any of it. His brain, his heart and his dick were never on the same page before Just when you think he'll make you want to pull your hair out with frustration, he does something quirky, sweet or endearing that draws you back from the edge. The evolution of his relationship with Jamie is slow They built probably one of the sturdiest foundations of friendship that I've ever read about.

And I loved every single witty, hilarious, snarky, sweet second of it. All the inside jokes I mean, I'm melting into a puddle of goo just typing this! The steam is low, but ask me if I minded? The sexual tension was delicious in its delayed gratification. You're on this journey of self-discovery with Theo What did I love most? There wasn't a big "OMG I'm in love with a guy moment," it was just a simple deep breath and realization of "it's always been Jamie, why didn't I see this before?

What magical words could I put in my review to get someone to pick up this book? Whatever they are The intimacy. There is a tendency to get jealous and possessive but it's compensation with absolute loyalty these two have for each other. Really, you couldn't find a better match.

Aries feeds your need for attention while remaining steadfast in their own character. Both of you need to prove how amazing you are, and while doing so, Aries energizes Leo. And Leo in turn cherishes Aries. Despite the battle for dominance, the relationship flows with warmth, passion, and playfulness. View all 31 comments.

Feb 12, Shile rated it it was amazing Shelves: mm , , favourite-couple , mm-highschool-college , mm-candy-coated-sugar-fluff , mm-romance , mm-made-me-smile-laugh , all-time-favorites , favorites , book-boyfriend. Re-read via Audiobook 5 stars for the story 2. He wanted to curl up and stay in bed with Jamie all day -The story is so cute and fluffy and had me smiling.

The Audiobook was a huge miss for me. The narrator sounded so robotic, the only voice that i think Re-read via Audiobook 5 stars for the story 2. The narrator sounded so robotic, the only voice that i think he nailed was Theo's. The rest sounded like the whole cast of Family Guy.

I don't think i will be listening to book 2, i will just read it. If you are in the mood for a feel good slow burn, then i recommend this. Theo was so clueless and i enjoyed him discovering himself. Dec 13, Jewel rated it it was amazing Shelves: mm , contemporary , review-copy , z , five-stars , self-discovery-ofy. Theo, Theo, Theo! What ever shall I do with you? Leo Loves Aries was brilliantly done. Humorous, original, and the banter was nothing short of epic!

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I loved this story from beginning to end. Theo Wallace and his twin sister Leone have been - unsuccessfully - trying to get over their last relationships. Their significant others decided they wanted to be with each other instead of with Theo and Leone! Needless to say, I didn't like them anytime they came into the story. Well, now, Theo and Leone have been invited to the wedding and as much as they do not want to go duh , they also want to show them that they no longer hold power over Theo and Leone. But only if they find dates! And thus starts the mission of Operation Wedding Date.

It coincided nicely with Operation Find a Roommate. Theo is just about done with his undergrad studies, but he needs help with his economic course. He had a tutor the previous semester that he really enjoyed and could learn from even if it didn't look like it , but the one he has this semester is abysmal! So, Theo decides to try to talk Mr Jamie Cooper into tutoring him again. And, guess what?! Jamie is looking for a room to rent.

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Must be destiny! Theo figures that Jamie would be the perfect man for Leone -- win win! Except that Jamie is gay and has it bad for Theo. In Theo's experience, he's never been attracted to another man, however, Theo was not the most self-aware person, ever. In fact, the opposite is pretty much true. He was clueless when it came to his own emotions and it was really amazing, and amusing to watch him get jealous of Jamie's best friend, Sean, and flirt with Jamie when he didn't even realize he was doing it.

He recognized the jealously, but was utterly confused by it. He was literally the only person that could not see what was happening. Even Leone who is mostly blind, could see it. Theo was in practically in love with Jamie before he even grokked that he was attracted. And as frustrating as I am sure Jamie found it, I frakin' loved it. Jamie has been burnt by roommate romances before. Well, once, anyway, and as much as he knows it is probably a bad idea, he can't help but be drawn to the quirky guy who will do anything to get out of cooking and laundry, but seems to find reasons to hang around Jamie.

And Jamie definitely wants to spend time with Theo, he just needs to find a way to guard his heart. When Theo admits he is 'curious', but doesn't see himself falling for another man, Jamie says he's not looking for love. Sex is sex, right? No need to get attached. Jamie shows he cares in a myriad of ways. He cooks, cleans, makes sure the people he cares about eat properly, he tutors stubborn, cheeky, students.

If you need him, he's there, steadfast and sure. But he has no idea how to avoid getting hurt by falling for Theo. Danger Danger! Things I loved: - Theo's and Jamie's chats. I loved that once he figured out he had fallen for Jamie, he went with it, full speed ahead. Yeah, it took him ages to get there, but that makes victory all the sweeter. Most definitely recommended! View all 23 comments. Honestly, there is not a single thing I would change about this book. That pretty much says it all. View all 8 comments.

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I was sent a review copy by the publisher via Netgalley, but all opinions are my own. I'm so happy I loved it, because after being slightly disappointed in True Colors , I was really scared that Anyta Sunday was a one-hit wonder for me yes, I'm talking about rock. While I think rock was still better in a lot of ways the writing, the conflict, plus it fed my love for geology sorrynotsorry , this one was pret I was sent a review copy by the publisher via Netgalley, but all opinions are my own. While I think rock was still better in a lot of ways the writing, the conflict, plus it fed my love for geology sorrynotsorry , this one was pretty damn close and I even might have preferred some things more than in rock.

Granted I couldn't give two shits about the horoscope or zodiac signs or all that and that's the reason why I didn't start this book sooner , this "leading theme" which is something apparently all Anyta Sunday's books have -at least the ones I read so far wasn't too huge and I ended up not even hating it mostly because it was actually the protagonist's mom who was kinda obsessed with such things and not the protagonist himself.

And the way they moved from kinda hating each other but not really to being friendly and then best friends view spoiler [and then FWB and then f i n a l l y loversssss hide spoiler ] was one of the best relationship development I've read in a contemporary in a while. I loved every single character and the plot was always very domestic I mean almost nothing happens except for relationship dynamics but never boring. Also there was some awesome representation besides the one you would normally except in a MM romance: Leone, the MC's sister, is blind and awesome btw, she's such a great and funny character ; a side character is demisexual; also the MC never gets too caught up in labels when it comes to himself.

The only thing he says in the matter is "I'm not gay", which is true since he's previously only had relationships with girls. I know some people want to see clear words like "bisexual" or "pan" in a book, but for me to be honest I really like it when things are seen as more fluid and not set in stone. That's the kind of representation I recognize myself into so I'm always really happy when I see it. I also liked that there was no major freak out at the discovery to be attracted to a man, and to top it off perfectly, the MC even acknowledges that he has that kind of privilege since his family is extremely accepting.


I don't know, it was a nice touch that the author didn't really need to include but I'm happy she did because it's important. There's so many more things that I could talk about but I'm just going to close this review by saying r e a d i t. View all 9 comments.

This one had a lot of my favorite things in a book. Great banter. Great chemistry between the MCs. Slow burn. Likable side characters - loved Theo's mom. Low angst. Rounding down because Theo was a bit too clueless about his own feelings and I wish he'd figured it out a tad sooner. But the ending more than made up for it. Highly recommend this one. View 2 comments. Mar 12, Jan rated it really liked it Shelves: ku , lgbtq , best-friends-to-lovers , favorites , college-uni.

View all 12 comments. Never heard of the narrator before, and certainly wouldn't buy anything of his in future. He is monotonous, and about as interesting to listen to as watching paint dry must be I was positively underwhelmed. His Jamie sounds as though he has a stick up his backside I've been quite fair I think and listened to a quarter of it, but enough's enough.

There is no way I can listen to another chapter. Such a shame that a poor choice of narrator can affect the way the listener 'hears' the book to that extent Such a lovely read from Anyta, and I for one will definitely be carrying on with the rest of the series. So happy Leo found his Aries