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Please help me. I am Nadhiya got married in the yr and got divorce in the same year.. Now my parents are presurrising me to get married.. I was in UK and came back last year. I really need person who can be friendly and understandable Shall i proceed with the Canada plan will it be successful? My question is when I m going to get divorce. I m struggling to get divorce but not getting pls advise High regards.

My DOB 8. My dob 1oct Timing I want to know about my further future. Is 2nd marrige possible.. Which place I M going to married nw. My 2nd will last forever. I m 32 , first marriage on end. Is there a possibility of second marriage? Time: Place of birth Amravati. Namasthe Guruvaryara. My dob is 14th may At 5. Can u please tell me is really divorce is in our kundali?? Hi, I wanted to know if i have a second marriage possibility in my horoscope.

Will that marriage atleast be good in my life? Place of Birth: Bangalore, India. Hi I am Rajkumar My birth date is What is the correct period to get married. Hi guruji I have failed for divorce my first hearing in feb should a get divorce and when it will happen fully and is there change for second marriage in my life. My dob is Timing 6. My birth details Is it matching with the details As an astrologer said that this marriage is not possible though we have Also let me know if the marriage is compatible than when will it happen.

And if not when will my marriage take place. I want to know if my marriage will survive? My DOB is I am divorced since last 15 yrs. Dob 25july pm. In process of getting divorced. Would I get married again. If yes when and where I would find my partner. DOB 29 march 5.

Guru ji , sadar Pranaam My first marriage is struggling and there is no chances of conciliation now even I want to move on from this marriage. Is there second marriage i have in my destiny or what will be life after divorce from first marriage , will I get Loyal and Good nature life partner ever in life. If yes then when? Will there be a second marriage of mine. Hi My name is Sonam gupta. Date of birth 25th December Time I want to know whether I have second marriage in my kundli and in what year will I remarry again.

Please help me to know my future.

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When it will happen Please reply. I want to know which is the right time to marry. Will I get second marriage? If any remedies..? Hi when I can get second marriage. As i am loving her for past 10yrs and promised my lover that I will marry her at any situation so she is waiting for me.

My first marriage is very worst and I am very unhappy in that. So please advise the correct time of my second marriage and tell how will be my second marriage. Chennai Time of birth. Kumbam Pls advice. Birth Date 12 dec time ,meri second marage kab hongi. Mere first marraige ki case chal rahi hai.

I want to know will she have second marriage and when. My name Navaldeep sharma My dob is 17 11 place samana Time am Plz tell kya meri love marriage ho skti hai intercast Two marriage ka koi chkr to nhe hai. Is there a second marriage in myy horoscope D. My husband dob My dob- DOB 06 time — 3. My dob 16august84 3. I had a divorce last year. Is there any chance of second marriage in my life and when will I be remarried. My dob is 7 january , time: am.

I have been separated. Will I marry again? Sir,My date of birth is 16 march and time 7. Is there any planetary position or situation or any kind of condition that I may get separated and have a second marriage or keep relations with any other women, below is my details:. My wife name is Monika deval my name is gaurav deval birth place bare illy. Plz tell me is there any chance of my second marriage if yes then when will it happen n with whom. Tamil nadu. My date of birth is I am married man. Is there second marriage possible in my life according to my date of birth?

What are the remdies of my problem? Can u plz let me knw when will I get marry as this is my 2nd marriage and unable to find a perfct match. I has asked may astrologists but no one was able to provide me the appropriate answer to my quest abt 2nd marriage. Sir, By one astrologer I have put his website name as well in website column told me that i have two marriages in my kundali and i am very depressed. Respected sir, I am a married woman. Does my horoscope show two marriages. Kindly answer. Is there any remedies if so. I got divorced in Since then I am looking for a search but no gain.

I want to know when will I get remarried or is second marriage there in my life and if yes then when and will it be successful and will I have a child thru second marriage? My first marriage didnt go well. So i want to know is there any chances of second marriage and would it be a love marriage or arrange? Do many people told me that i will get marry to a younger boy. Is it true as per my kundli Thanks. Hi I an having some problems in my marriage. I would just want to know whether i have second marriage in my kundli.

This is my brothers DOB details , please let me know if there is a possibility of 2nd marriage in his horoscope? I am in love with a married Virgo man. We both love each other but his first wife is not ready to leave him. I am sending you my details pls let me know whether we can marry. Pls guruji help us..

Thank u Details: 29th April I am in love with a divorced Aquarian woman. We both love each other but my first wife is not ready to leave. I am sending you my details pls let me know whether we can marry and I want too marry her badly. Sneha Details: 24th Nov afternoon patna bihar. Mmarried for 2 years now and things are not going fine. Do i have a second marriage. My husband balraj singh 18 aug ,time am in jalandhar. Its his second marriege with me.

Hi Sir, I got married in may and separated from April Could you please let us know when will i get the divorce.

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Please let me know the date and time for Divorce. Helo Sir I would like you ask about my boyfriend. Is he getvdivorced with his first marriage. Is it possible to get married with him.. I got married in June There is dispute between me my husband. I would like get divorce from my husband. Pl let me know whether I will get divorce and also about second marriage in my horoscope.

2nd marriage in your life? - Case Study KP Astrology

If so when it will takes place? My date of birth 5 December I am not happy with my marriage life. Do I have divorce yog and remarriage yog in my kundali. My DoB is 25 may time is 3. Please give me a suggestion on second marriage my dob is 31 December am in Hyderabad , Telangana I am a widow. Do I have remarriage in my fate and when please give me details. I m not manglik. Bt can i marry to angshik manglik. I m married to my husband since 9th feb but because of my in laws i left that house on 1st nov Still now there is no solution for our marriagge.

I have 5 months old daughter. Are there any chances of re union or i would have to face divorce. Sir please tell how would be my second marraige…?? My dob I got married on and then I got separated on My dob is , Time : 8. Husband date of birth is Will there will be reunion or divorce. Chances of second marriage is there. Brith details: 11th july , time : 1. I got married on 24 july But soon after marrage he started thourching me without any region just on advaice of his elder sister-in-law.

Will my marrage will end up with divorce. I would like to know that is their any chance of remarriage in my kundli. Plz reply me as soon as possible on my e-mail. My birth details are 14jan B PM. B Pthankote. Is there a second marriage in my life? If so when and what type of a person will it be with? I am not interested in my first marriage, will i get Divorce from my marriage??? I just want to break this relation… pleasee tell any chances of Divorce in my kundali??? I have wife and 2 kids. Our marriage is love marriage.

But the relationship between me and wife is really in trouble. I am physically challenged and i tried my level best to support her. But i am expecting a lovely approach from her all the times and is not happening. I am mentally disturbed a lot and to be honest, i am not happy. At this point, i do not want to go for divorce since kids future is important.

At the same time, i am looking to marry a girl who can take care of me like anything with lots of love and affection. I dont know whether this will happen or not. Am I having two marriage yoga.. I got married on Will my husband divorce me or there will be re-union? He stops communication and dominates me. Female, dob- am Dt- 5 th Jan. And if it will then whether I will get of my choice or not??? Dob Place — new delhi Time pm I want to know if there is second marriage in my kundali and when will it happen. I was born in Kolkata city. I got married with a muslim girl.

She eloped with a hindu man but later on got married with a married muslim man. Another muslim girl who is much younger than me fell in love with me. Her name is Nafisa Neher. She was born in the month of may, Will I get married with her in future?? With Regards, Biswajit. I got married on 4thdec its my 2nd marriage i want to know will it last forever as my husbamd left after 2 months of oir marriage and askng for divotce and in escape we are not able to trace him..

His name sridhar,he gave 3 dob for different persons 3rd,4th,5th of april place hyderabad,no time My name sneha dob,,timepm monday ,place:bhongir Rasi: tula Nakshatram: swati 1st padam. I need to know whether secsecomarriage is there in my life and when it will happen. My birth date 12 December Time I want to know is there any chance of successful second marriage in my kundali? I want to know when will I get divorced and how soon can I have second marriage. Mera divorce ho gaya he kya meri kundli me do shadi ke yog he? Mera bhavishy kya he?

I am vanidevi. My married life is not good. His parents forced him to marry me so he is not living with me. Please tell me is this relation continues or separate?

Vedic Astrology and its Role in Second Marriage

If separates, can I get second marriage in my kundali? Please reply. I arvinder female has dob first marriage born at udaipur at 1. How would our married life and prospect for going out of india. My first marriage took place in Now i want to know about second marriage if it is there and when?

Is there divorce and 2nd marriage exists in my kundali. DOB I wish to know if there is a possibility of a peaceful second marriage. Name : kala Time Date : Place : Tamil Nadu Is there any chance of second marriage. The astrological factors that boost the chances of remarriage: The lord of second house decides the longevity of the spouse or a peaceful family life, the lord of seventh house decides how far one can go to establish love in a marriage and if it will face a lawsuit near future for either the side of the husband or wife.

Other astrological factor that decide the chances of second marriage: The lord of seventh house being posited in dual signs like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces symbolizes two marriages. The seventh house in a dovetail with evil sign lets the lord of seventh house occupy a sign of despair or determination that ensures a troublesome marriage.

Seventh lord from the ascendant or Moon being posited in a dual sign combines with Venus in birth and navmansha chart produces the chances of two marriages. When the Rahu is posited in the seventh house, you are surely to remarry.

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Spiteful implications on the lords of second and seventh house or the lord symbolize multiple marriages. When two planets are posited in the seventh house you may have a second marriage in your kundali When the lord of seventh house is posited in the fourth house and the lord of ninth house placed in seventh house, it escalates the chances of second marriage. Mars in seventh house and Saturn or Rahu in second house means second marriage. The lord of seventh house occupying the sixth, eighth or twelfth house and spiteful planets like Saturn, Mars or Rahu occupying the vacant seventh house besides a weak Venus combined with a natural benefic planet spruces up the chances of second marriage.

When the Mars and Venus both are placed in seventh house and the lord of seventh house is placed in eighth house with Saturn posited in the twelfth house means multiple marriages. Regressive Jupiter in the seventh house combined with Mars and one of them in debilitation symbolizes second marriage. Venus, Saturn, The Moon and Mars creating a dovetail in the seventh house mean second marriage. Saturn and Rahu being placed in seventh house without having any advantageous effects symbolize second marriage.

January 04, Second marriage is nowadays becoming more and more common. There is no taboo associated with second marriage as it used to be earlier in society. The advent of the internet age also makes it easy for people to check out a number of profiles of suitable life partners, with an opportunity to meet and take the relationship forward.

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Finding a 2nd life partner therefore is much easier than before and can be done discreetly as well. However, not every second marriage can happen as planned. Sometimes inspite of young age, good looks, good financial standing and social status etc. Second marriages are usually done with a lot more caution and emotional stakes are high.

Therefore, it is very practical to look at revelations from Vedic astrology , and plan the next steps in life. Any affliction to 7th house and its lord is indication that the first marriage of the person may suffer. Malefic planets like Mars, Sun, Rahu etc. The next House which we need to see is the 8th house. If there is affliction to the 8th house as well as to the 8th lord, marriages can break. Planets Like Mars, Rahu, Saturn etc.

If there is affliction to the 7th house in Navamsa chart also, there is high chance of breaking the first marriage. If malefics like Rahu-Ketu is placed in the house of Navamsa, the chances of divorce increases to a great extent. Some of the signs that indicate a second marriage are as follows:. Dual sign rising in the 7th house.

Second marriage can take place during the dasha of the 9th lord or dasha of planets related to the 9th house or lord. Second marriage can take place during the dasha of the 3rd lord or dasha of planets related to the 3rd house or lord. Remedies for delay in 2nd marriage in astrology. In general, one must take care of the vastu or placement of things in one house, and correct the energy flow, to give all round positivity and progress.

One must ensure that the pitrus or ancestors are pleased by performing the yearly pitru pooja, with the help of a pandit.