Aquarius horoscope for november 21

Natives of this sign are effective interpreters, good at analyzing the information. People of this sign display exceptional proficiency in the fields of IT, networking solutions and areas to do with new-age wisdom. Aquarius born are known to be explorers and not averse to take the risk. They are best at abstract thinking. Natives of this sign are best suitable for fields in, which they need to explore possibilities and come out with unconventional solutions. Aquarius natives are all for change and rebellion. Aquarius born has a love for everything that is new and modern.

They like the world around them to break free from age-old traditions and tread new paths. Water-bearers are warm-hearted, friendly and have a good sense of humor. They appreciate and value the bond of friendship. They love to be kind of torch-bearers and ones who herald a change in society. Birth colors for this sign are electric blue, grey and ultramarine blue. Other lucky colors are Gold, orange, and aqua.

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Body parts ruled by this sign are coccyx at the base of spine, the calves and ankles and the cones and rods in the eye. Arteries are those in the lower leg and vein those in lower legs. Positive Aspects of Aquarius: They are good explorers, humanitarian and have kind of innovative approach. They are really good as friends and come to help even at odd hours. They are sincere, earnest, unbiased and have the very good intuitive ability. Negative Aspects of Aquarius: They need to avoid unnecessary radicalism, mental fanaticism.

Undesirable characteristics are emphasizes ideas over feelings, deriving enjoyment from shocking people, gullibility where social injustice is involved. Special Tips: They need to respect traditions which are good for people at large. Consistency in their approach is needed.

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We do so by presenting free Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Aquarius horoscope Yearly predictions for you. The entire year, Saturn will transit in the 11th house is good for financial planning however from the second quarter Saturn would join with Aquarius Horoscope and Astrology. Aquarius Compatibility with other zodiac signs Aquarius-born people are compatible with a love match with their opposite zodiac sign. However, such persons always quest for freedom and individuality in any relationship they set their eyes on. Read More.

This will bring you good benefits in the coming time. Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 07 October to 13 October 07 October to 13 October In the first two days of this week, people of Aquarius will be engaged in building their beliefs and fulfilling their work in the local market. You will see Read More. Aquarius Monthly Horoscope October In the first week of October , you will be struggling to earn good progress in your personal and professional life. You will continue to find solutions for dealing with Read More.

This is why finding a middle ground becomes important. Exercise is another word you need to add to your repertoire. Taking your ma outdoors promises to come with many more perks than you can think of. Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Everybody is going through their own trials and tribulations—just like you. Keep your judgements aside and see how you can reach out. Yes, even to that colleague who has been giving you a hard time. Remember, those who are unkind to others are the ones who need kindness the most. Continue to give yourself the love and care you deserve. Cosmic tip: Those who are unkind to others are the ones who need kindness the most.

Do you believe in your dreams, Cancer? Now is the time to work consistently towards your goals. Remember, the final stage of any project is the most crucial one. Direct your energy towards tying the loose ends and adding the finish touches. The more confident you are in your creations, the more appreciation you will receive in return.

A little bit of indulgence can go a long way!

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Before stepping into the next phase, kick back and relax. Give yourself the downtime you deserve. Remember, gratitude is a powerful practice. Take a good look at your life. You now have all the things you once prayed for. Number one rule of self-care: put yourself first. Yes, that means saying no to the unrealistic demands of others. We all have limitations, Virgo. You were hired for a reason. Cosmic tip: Love yourself enough to say no the unrealistic demands of other people. Do you really need another fur jacket considering you already have half a dozen? Make a budget and stick to it.

Learn to differentiate between your needs and wants. Working with a financial advisor could help you get your finances in order. True transformation begins when you let go of the idea of who you are supposed to be and move into a space of authenticity. Remember, those around you will try to hinder the process in some way or the other.

Be strong for yourself.

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Cosmic tip: Life is offering you the chance to shake off years and years of conditioning. Sagittarius, you are gifted in so many ways. The gods or creativity express themselves through you. Nurture it. Give it form.

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Remember, inspiration is a passive process. Go into your zen space every now and then, so that the Muse can show up unannounced. The party started early this week for you—a fact we have already established. The Universe is aligning you with some real power players. Let others in on what you are creating right now.