Gemini 29 january 2020 horoscope

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Surely, they need to eat a wholesome diet and get sufficient sleep. At a young age, they are prone to respiratory problems or asthma, and at an older age, they are prone to flu and viral infections. At times, their arms and legs might also get afflicted due to restlessness, and hence it would be a lot more better if they could exercise regularly. Usually, their health is very delicate; though, no need to worry about it.

Gemini-born tend to get overexcited and also very prone to get nervous at times, which may contribute to a lot of stress formation. Possible health concerns As Gemini natives are inclined to overwork their brain and mental faculties, they are very prone to mental and nervous exhaustion.

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Gemini natives are also vulnerable to respiratory problems like bronchitis and asthma. Meditation and calming activities that enhance mental clarity and stability are good for the Gemini natives, since they will help them soothe their nerves. Generally speaking, the people with the Sun Sign Gemini should avoid exhaustion at all costs. They need good doses of sleep. Food for Gemini The Twins require diet that helps them to keep their lung and nervous system healthy.

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Tomatoes, spinach, green beans, oranges, celery, plums, apricot, carrots, cauliflower, coconut and wheat gram are all good for them. They should avoid drinking any type of caffeine or carbonated drinks and refrain from smoking entirely. Gemini Physical Structure The Twins normally have good height and they are mostly slim and has a pale complexion. They have bright eyes, light hair, thin nose, pointed chin and long arms with an expression that conveys they are in total control of their situation, and are very relaxed. In order to suit the circumstances, Gemini-born can easily change their expressions and their best interests.

Though, their speech is swift enough, they are quite articulate.

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They have supple and slender muscles. Their limbs are often long like those of fashion models. Their appearance offers a feel of fineness and swiftness, with a seemingly controlled yet laid-back style. Orange and yellow colours would be most suitable for the Twins. By applying mascara, they can enhance the attractiveness of their bright eyes.

Using beige or brown lipstick will certainly add a touch of class to their persona. To their pale complexion, miniskirts and sleeveless tops will gel well. A Gemini will have a huge wardrobe. It may not take that long to dispose of their existing clothes even before buying and wearing new ones. Regardless of what they wear, they carry it off with style.

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To gain a better understanding of the Gemini-born, read Gemini Romance. The purpose behind this is to prepare you to be ready for the future and build the strength to overcome the hurdles that stand in your success path. This transit of Saturn is going to tell you the importance of adopting a practical approach in life.

There will be an improvement in your basic leadership qualities which will eventually offer an ascent to your confidence level and decision making abilities.

You will get to know about your worth in the society. This transit will showcase your philosophical side bringing about your ethical values at the front.


Gemini represents communication, mass media and technology. It will make the natives more inclined towards these particular fields. This is the best time to put your feet in these fields as there are sure shot chances of success. This will require you to move ahead in life with a practical approach. You will build unimaginable fascination for luxury and beauty.